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Dinky winky has a growing fan club of little hoomans.  First there was Little Tyke.  Don’t get me wrong, Little Tyke and I – we’re BFF.  We go back a good few years – we entered Mummy’s life the same week – our bond is strong so I don’t feel bad that Little Tyke has taken a liking to George.In practical terms, Georgie is a better fitFor now.
Maybe when Little Tyke grows taller and stronger He may feel more comfortable handling me.

When Little Tyke isn’t around, lucky George gets to spend time with Victoria She lives in a building that doesn’t allow pets. So on weekends she asks her parents if she can take George to the park for walks (usually on a lead) and she gives him A LOT of treats.And George knows very well that he is her favourite because even when she gets to borrow other doggies for a change, she still talks about George.

Victoria made Mummy a collage of her with George after their get together on Saturday.More recently we have added two Georgie fans.

Emily And Mark.They love dogs but they too can’t have pets where they live, so their daddy asked if they can borrow George sometimes.

For Christmas, they each got a stuffed dogand guess what they named them – Darcy and George!

At the end of the day after Emily said goodbye to George She immediately went to the board and drew this picture of him.What a shame she drew it on a board. Mummy would have loved to add her very accurate depiction of George to our gallery. 🙂

May’s comment: It is a priviledge to be able to share George with these children who would love to have dogs but they are not allowed them where they live in the city. It really makes their day. George loves the attention he gets from the children and because he is small, they can manage him.

But when he comes home at the end of the day, George goes into a sulk. He would not sit with Darcy and me in the same room. He goes and sits by himself in the living room.  At bedtime, he will still be sulking. Instead of jumping on the bed with us, he sleeps in the dog bed.  Only after I have switched off the lights and gone under the covers, will he join us on the bed.I really think he gets annoyed that I have “loaned him out” while Darcy gets to spend the day with me. By morning, all’s forgotten and the same cuddly George is back.

I would never loan Darcy out to small children. She never liked them much because when she was little she was frightened by them charging up to her trying to pat her. She soon became wary of them and jump them before they charged at her.  And when she jumps up at them, she will probably push them over and frighten them – not intentionally.

Besides, the kids want George. But the adults want Darcy.


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