Are you a gobbler or do you savour your food?

We had returned from our weekend in Cornwall and found a few packages waiting for us.  Packages in the post – one of Mummy’s favourite things. 🙂  

But we’re not keen about them. When Mummy opens those packages, they’re deafeningly “loud” for our hearing.  So we left Mummy to it while we took comfort in our beds.

Then I hear my name being called,

Come here, Darcy. I have something to show you.

Ever hopeful, I think, maybe she has a treat for me even though it was the wrong time of day. I gathered myself from the bed and slowly moved myself towards where Mummy was sitting – on the hallway runner with a mouse-sized, four-legged plastic form of a canine with a red nose and beady eyes. Rudolf?

“Darcy, come here! Come closer!  Now DOWN!

I obliged. Click!Do you want to see what happens next?” she asked enthusiastically.

And then the mouse-sized creature started to rattle and shake with such fervour, I could not hurry away fast enough.


George! And this is you! Come, have a look,” she hollered at dinky winky.

Hesitatingly, he went towards the next strange looking creature – this time in black – with the same off-putting red-nose. Is it suppose to be a dog or is it a rat with a cold?Can I go now?” George wanted to know.  He wasn’t keen either.

I think Mummy knew George would be scared so she didn’t bother to show him how it works.  Actually, I think there’s something not quite right with the black “canine” form.

It rattled and shook – but at a much slower, leisurely pace.  Dogs do not eat this slowly – at least not any of us. We chomp down our food in seconds.

Oh, wait, that’s not true! Jaffa eats exactly like that black canine imitation – she nibbles her way delicately around the bowl.

All that was very scary for us, Mummy.  No idea what these little creatures are but they sure make a lot of noise.

May’s comment: Saw these doggy coin banks on the internet and thought I’d order one that looks like Darcy and the other George, of course!  It took about two months for them to get to us from China. Not particularly well made but hilariously funny.

The brown dog ate with such fervour that its limbs came off it’s sockets! LOL! Quick repair and it was back to business.

The black dog – think there’s something wrong with its mechanism.  But when put side by side, it  demonstrates two distinctive approaches to eating. Do you gobble up your food like the hungry brown dog? Or do you taste and savour your meals like the black dog?

One thing for sure, George does not eat that slowly. He used to inhale his food in seconds – and then get sick later in the night as he ate too fast. I had to get him a slow-feeder bowl.  As for Darcy, she has the insatiable appetite of a cocker spaniel!  Can’t help her there – it’s in her DNA and she has never had a problem with eating too fast – and everything.

These doggy coin banks can be ordered on Amazon – they arrive a lot faster.




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  1. Jill Keiser

    Those are adorable banks! My Gina would be spinning in excitement over watching them “eat”! She eats like the brown dog!

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