Little Pink Monkey

We’ve missed George. He came home to us after spending time in his Dorset “holiday home” while we were away in Norway.

After just one night with us, we then took him to the Royal Vet Hospital and he didn’t get to come home with us as he was going under the knife. 🙁

Mum and I were at Love My Human – when we saw all these different coloured monkeys …

We immediately thought of George – our own little monkey!

Mum, we have to get one of those for George as a welcoming home present.

Can we have the pink one? Because I love pink and he looks good with pink.

And it will remind George of me – we have the same expression.


We put it in his bed – so he can snuggle up to it when he’s home.

May’s comment: Can’t wait to have our little George back home, our little monkey!

The Hospital called this morning to say his procedure has been delayed till late in the afternoon. Guess they must have had some emergencies and George wasn’t an emergency. But it has been reported that he’s very happy – because he is getting so much attention. He’s gaining fans and they are giving him lots of cuddles. I am sure he is doing his “pretty please” stance which he won’t be able to do after his surgery – not for awhile.

Will report back tomorrow what they have found and what they have decided to do.


  1. Maureen Dell

    Thinking of you. I’m sure all will go well May. ♥️

  2. Elaine Craigen

    Hope it all goes well and George is back to his usual fun loving self soon??xxx

  3. jacqui spiers

    hope it all goes well for George and he’s running around again soon

  4. Julie mcevilly

    Wishing you a speedy recovery George xxx

  5. Angela Dillon

    Fingers and paws crossed here George ????

  6. Karen Penrose

    Ziva sends her love to George. Ziva had knee surgery 4 years ago and other than the six weeks post surgery when we had to stop her running or jumping, she hasn’t had any problems. Thinking of George.

  7. Fern and.Maya

    Hope all went wonderfully well gorgeous George lots.of you Darcey and your Mummy

  8. Angie

    Lots of love for a speedy recovery little George ??x

  9. Jill

    Time seems to go slowly when you’re waiting and worrying. I’m sure George will be comforted by his pink monkey, Darcy. What a kind sister! Best wishes for your recovery, Georgie.

  10. Anneli & Greta

    Kiss & Hugs from Sweden ❤️

  11. Liz Valentine

    Speedy recovery little man ❤

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