The Unexpected Happened

We woke up yesterday morning – all three of us in our bed.

Mum didn’t give George any breakfast as we had instructions to stop feeding him after 8pm the night before. Poor little George was confused why he was denied food.

We all bundled into Belinda’s car who drove us to the Royal Vet Hospital in Potter’s Barn. We are finally going to find an answer as to why after a fluke accident he has been limping.

Arriving at Royal Vet Hospital.
George wanted to say hello to everyone at the Reception
He sat and waited to be called for his 11.30 am appointment.
Soon Belinda arrived with me and Fred
I sat with George to give him my support.
We all waited together to give him support.

Finally we got called and went with the Vet trainee to a consultation room.

She took down all of George’s history

Then the Vet came in to see George

It was love at first sight. 🙂
George had both his back legs thoroughly checked over
He was unbelievably good
After all that pulling and pushing, he got a big kiss from the Vet – but he wasn’t sure what was going on.

The Vet reported there were no obvious signs of anything wrong but had a few suspicions and suggested that x-rays to be taken. And while he was sedated, they could investigate better when he is not all tensed up. Mum agreed – in the hope that we will find out what was wrong with his leg.

Before Jasmine took George away to be sedated we had to take off his collar so they could put a hospital band on him – to avoid any possible contamination.

It would be at least three hours plus before he would be ready to go home. We headed out for lunch at the Harvester which is dog-friendly in the bar area.

We went for a walk in the park – to kill time …


We finally returned to the hospital to collect George.

We waited in the dog-waiting area for the Vet and George.

Hello! Is that the Vet coming to see us …

Where’s George?

The Vet suggested we go into a consultation room so she could draw a diagram to show us what she suspects was happening with George’s leg.

The x-rays showed that his patella was in no way loose, only very slight movement – so it wasn’t that. His left ankle has more of a flex than his right. But there was nothing they could see from the x-rays. She suggested that they do a diagnostic incision to see the state of his cruciate ligaments.

Mum asked if we could see George – and she went to get him.

George was still in a bit of a daze from his sedation and had a big bandage on his little leg.

Mum showed George to explain to him what they think might be wrong with his leg.

Mum told him he would have to stay the night as they continue to determine why he’s been limping, not using his hind left leg.

While Mum knew it was the best decision to resolve George’s problem, it was also scary imagining him going through surgery.

George still looked dazed … and I told him he will be alright. We’ll wait to hear what happens tomorrow and we’ll be back to take him home.

And off he went – spending the night in the hospital and being prepared for surgery tomorrow.

May’s comment: After three vet consultations who were perplexed by his condition (eight weeks since he was crushed by a goldendoodle the size of a human) we took him to see the orthopaedic specialist at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals Royal Veterinary College – and after examining and feeling his limbs, they said he hides his injury well. George felt discomfort in some instances but on the whole he was stoic and patient. He was ever the best patient. 

They suggested sedating him for the X-rays and while under they would manipulate his limbs to see what could be wrong. After all that, he remains an enigma and they suspect it is a cruciate disease – that is typical of small breeds. It isn’t caused by trauma but it can definitely exacerbate it’s situation. He’s always limped a little for as long as he’s been with me – and everyone just thought it’s a luxating patella.  But the x-rays and their examination of him under sedation confirmed that his patella movement is slight and it wasn’t his ankle which had seemed a bit loose.

They couldn’t determine any of the soft tissue degeneration unless they go in to have a look – so they suggested a diagnostic procedure which involves a small incision to look at what is going on in there. If they see that there is quite a bit of degeneration – we could decide to leave it and let him limp the rest of his life, or they will do a proper job on him and he would walk properly again.  As it is now he has muscle wastage on his left side as he isn’t using his leg.

So I guess the decision was obvious and wasn’t difficult – except for me leaving the hospital with his collar and lead in my bag and the thought of him going under.  Whenever I have seen other dog owners walk out of animal hospitals with just their leads and collars – my heart would sink. I felt a little weirded out doing that myself. 🙁

We were impressed by the vet and there will be a proper anaesthetist who will make sure he’s ok. I couldn’t help but kept thinking of Ghost 🙁

Anyway, I wanted you to know about the state of affairs at our household. He will be operated on today. 🙁

His recovery will be long, he will need to be crated for eight weeks (awfully long time) and only taken out for his toilet needs.

Prayers for full recovery without complications.


  1. Christina LeDee

    Sending George well wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. Cheryl

    Oh sweet George, prayers for a speedy and complete recovery!
    8 weeks in a crate, oh my, good luck with that!

  3. Liz Burman

    Dear little Georgie, I do hope it’s an easy fix. Look at that little face he looks totally nonplussed by the whole ordeal. Sending love and licks from me and Elsie.???

  4. Alison Wood

    I hope everything goes well today for George. We’ll be thinking of him??

  5. Julie james

    Oh bless Georgie. Sending you all big hugs and lots of love ???

  6. Tracey & Sydney

    You will be home before you know it little George. Sending you and your mum lots of love and good wishes to get you through the next 8 weeks stress free ?

  7. Angela Randall

    Thinking of George today.
    Love Poppi and Oscar

  8. Cheryl

    Sending healing thoughts to Georgie, May and Darcy. Love Cheryl and Susie x

  9. Peter &Jan

    We do hope everything goes well for you all

  10. Laura Cordovano

    Oh Georgie! You are so brave and We love you! You are in great hands and clearly you have made your way into their hearts. We are praying for a successful outcome and are excited to know how much better your life will be after going through this. Sending so much love and hugs.

  11. Jackie lalwani

    Omg. Prayers for George’s full recovery.
    With love to you and Darcy and hope
    to see him dashing around in
    Hyde Park again soon. Jackie Deepak &
    Ellie the cockapoo xx

  12. Sian

    Give George our love!!!

  13. Jill Keiser

    Best wishes to George for a full recovery from North Carolina’s Gina, Nikki, and Whiskers! We continue to pray for you!

  14. Teresa Sarno

    Wishing George a full and speedy recovery…hugs for you and Darcy as you wait for the little monkey to come home! Teresa & Ellis ? from NY

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