Sky bound for a London brunch

Fred and I went to the inaugural London brunch/lunch for dogs at Savage Garden.

Nope! It wasn’t just fantasy – its for real!
We’re brunching in the sky – on the 12th floor of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel.
See Fred! We’re way up high!

C’mon then Fred, let’s go see who else is at the brunch.

Look Mum! It’s Toffy!

And we met A LOT of doodles!

Meet Cookie, a cockapoo – she’s 9! Older than me!
This is Bella a cavapoo!
Bailee, a labradoodle.
Canello, an Australian mini-labradoodle
This is very excitable Charlie, a “miniature” Labradoodle – who is bigger than me!!!!

A lot of new recruits for our Hyde Park Doodle meet!

So Fred, what’s for brunch?

Mum, green tea? That’s rather mild …

Mum and Belinda loved the amazing donut injections.

And we had special pup cakes.

George was a happy camper

He loved his polaroid.
There was this little gadget – KiiPix that made polaroids from the photos on the phone!

Before leaving we had to check out the Hiro+Wolf stand –

I wore my new Hiro + Wolf happy spring collar and leash – and of course it was pink! 🙂

What else can we buy?

Look at all those happy, bright colours.

We love those matching doggy jumpers and hooman scarves! We’ve asked if they would do it in the pink to match my collar!
Another fun light installation.

St. Olave’s Churchyard

We are not familiar with this part of London. After brunch we took a little walk around the area – and came across St. Olave’s churchyard.
St. Olave Hart Street, founded in the 11th Century is one of the few medieval City churches that escaped the Great Fire of London.

We walked into the garden across the street at the Four Seasons and found these rather interesting slabs of stone on the paved walkway – they seem to tell a story …

This was obviously about the Great Fire of London.
Wonder what this was about. We didn’t have time to ask the concierge at the hotel about them – but we will be back for another Sunday brunch at Savage Garden – and we will inquire about these interesting stone slabs.

May’s comment:

Savage Garden is available for dog-dedicated events. They will be hosting Sunday brunch/lunch the first Sunday of every month. They have three seatings – 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00 – book in advance as they were sold out this this time and are very popular. All dogs must be on leash and not on the seats – we got Darcy and Freddie to pose for a quick photo. 🙂

Fred and Darcy’s rating of Dog Brunch at Savage Garden – FOUR STARS! Hope to see some of you there in the coming months.


  1. Rusty

    That looks cool is all the time?

  2. Lesley

    Looks like a lovely place to spend a few hours on a Sunday. x

  3. Do you know if Savage Gardens allows individual dogs at other times? We are visiting in mid-October and would love to check it out!

    • Miss Darcy

      Sadly they don’t allow dogs in other than the doggy Sunday. There are many other places.

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