Looking for Vince … (UPDATE: He has been found 3 June)

We shared news on Thursday that a red/sandy Labrador (may look like a ridgeback) was lost in Hyde Park.This is Vince. He is wearing a blue/green leather collar.And he is still lost.

There were sightings of him in various parts of Kensington Gardens. No one had been able to get to him.  He was frightened and ran away whenever anyone approached him.

The park police have been alerted. Many people have been out looking for him.

We joined the search yesterday in Kensington Gardens.We walked across the greens. We walked to areas where we do not normally go.It was a hot day and sometimes we went under the shade.
No, I don’t think he could have gone behind these bars.
The park is so overgrown that we looked inside the undergrowth.We walked towards the Cafe by the Serpentine – there’s food there – and he’s hungry.But by day’s end, he has still not been found. 🙁

May’s comment:  For all of you walking through Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens, keep a look out for him. He has not returned home. If you spot him, call 07796-994488. Or get in touch with us and we’ll let the people leading the search know.  It seems he has not left the park – he lives in the NW1 area.


  1. Cheryl

    Prayers he is found safe and soon!

  2. Praying for his safe return 🙏🏻

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