Love Bug’s sleepover

Awww, it’s love bug again aka Charlie!

Of course he insisted on prime position – He was sleeping on top of Mummy!!!Even we don’t do that. He eventually slid down onto her side. Rather Mummy eased him off her. But he took up half the pillow. LOL!

I don’t think Mummy was very comfortable.  She finally got out of the bed to look at the heap of furry bodies. This was the scene on our bed last night  – Wonder why she wasn’t comfortable? LOL!

As she got up, Charlie watched intently as she left the room and waited till she came back into bed.And resumed position.

But this morning, George and I decided that was enough! Through some clever manoeuvring, George and I both snuggled up to Mummy and Charlie was wondering how it all happened. Now he knows what it feels like to be usurped!

Well, morning came too soon for Mummy who didn’t sleep well.  But it had to done, as in get up because it was feeding and walking time … And all too soon after we were home, the door bell rang and Charlie’s daddy came. As always, he was beside himself with excitement to see his daddy!

Goodbye, Charlie. We are always happy to share our bed with you. Even more for Mummy – she loves your cuddles.

May’s comment: Charlie has the loudest and noisiest greeting whenever he sees his daddy. That cry is reserved for him only. Wish mine would be so excited to see me!!!!

Always a joy to have Charlie stay. He loves a connection – as in the past he needs to feel someone next to him.  He starts off with sleeping on top of me and then eventually when I ease him off, I find him sharing my pillow! LOL! He has quite a few minders these days and we don’t see him as often but when he does come, he bounds up the stairs and gets all boisterous. So I know his greeting his daddy is not an indication that he hates being with us, maybe just happy to see his daddy. Or maybe he was relieved to be leaving us and going home to his one-dog home. No sharing of humans. LOL!


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    So cute!!

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Aaww dear little Charlie, always so pleased to see daddy.😍

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