Love you, missed you, so glad you’re home!

Charlie might be a handful – because with him, we’re three …IMG_1899But as the time draws near for him to go home, Mummy gets all mopeyIMG_1889 And she wishes Charlie didn’t have to leaveIMG_1894But when Charlie’s daddy arrives, she knows why he needed to go home.

Charlie loves his daddy and his daddy loves him.

May’s comment: And now it’s just us three again … always sad to see Charlie go. He gives the best hugs, he uses his paws more than any dog I know for hugging. He obviously loves Matt to bits – he reserves his special cry for Matt only.

When I arrive home, he goes all crazy and he wants to be carried.  This goes on for about 5 minutes before he leaves me alone, then he whines a little but not like when he sees Matt. I know I’ve shared similar videos of their greeting each other a couple of other times but it still warms my heart each time I see them together.

So people out there, no, Charlie is not going to be my number 3. But he is always welcome in our home.  He has been so good this stay – he had learnt to stop barking in excitement when he runs up the stairs.  Except for this morning when he let out the biggest pool of pee right next to me in the kitchen when I was preparing their breakfast – I think it was a little too much excitement before breakfast as I was giving him extra hugs and I got up a little later than usual. He’s still young after all.  Bless him.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    It always warms my heart too, to see how much Charlie loves his dad. He’s a lovely sweet little dog, who is still very much a puppy.

  2. Julia

    That’s is so cute bless him. ❤️🐾

  3. Margaret Danks

    Charlies daddy looked very emotional too. What a lovely greeting, such unconditional love. Ah well, Charlie will be a part time number 3 😄

  4. Sarah Johnson

    How interesting, they way Charlie talks to his Hooman. Merlin does the same thing – reserves that special “squeaky greeting” just for my husband. Even though it’s me who feeds him and walks him!

  5. Dawn Walsh

    Just soo very beautiful, unconditional love right there…..melts my heart, what a beautiful boy Charlie is xxx

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