The Aftermath

Charlie loves playing with our toys, and we don’t mind sharing. IMG_1828 IMG_1832What I don’t get is why does he seem to like MY teddy.
IMG_8065Once he has it, I can’t get it back. IMG_8066It is only when Mummy intervened IMG_8067… that I get Teddy back.

But this last time, Charlie did more than take Teddy. He started to maul him. 🙁IMG_1963He chewed at the little patch over Teddy’s heart and ripped out the stuffingIMG_1964I’ve had Teddy for five years and at most, Teddy’s hands were lovingly nibbled.  He is my favourite toy. Even though Mummy took precautions and bought me other Teddies just in case something like this should happen …IMG_0114 I still preferred my first Teddy.IMG_0118So Mummy’s a little annoyed with Charlie.

And you know Lamb Chops – that Jake gave us?
IMG_0128That George had claimed as his.

Well, he got dissected too!IMG_1965Oh Charlie, I do understand. I used to do that till I was two and never again. So now that we have celebrated your SECOND birthday, will you stop killing our toys?!?!?!

May’s comment: I think I am more upset about Darcy’s Teddy than she is.  Though every time Charlie takes Teddy, she looks at me, as if telling me what Charlie had done and pleads with me to help her get it back. They do not fight over it. A couple of times she had managed to take it away from Charlie and he lets go when she has it. But it’s that stance and that look when she stands looking at Teddy in Charlie’s mouth that makes me want to yank it out of Charlie’s mouth.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Oh Miss D, you might have to get mummy to hide teddy away when Charlie comes to stay. Elsie is four and she still disembowells any new toy I get for her, trying to get to the squeaker.

  2. Jill Keiser

    I agree with Elizabeth. It may be time to hide Teddy away while Charlie visits. Have you been able to mend poor Teddy and Lamb Chops?

  3. Jane Galvin

    Hi Darcy,

    Don’t worry I will fix teddy for you. Tell mummy to keep all the pieces xxx

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