Loving Elizabeth Street

Elizabeth Street in Belgravia is not just a lovely street with pretty shops but there are many places I am allowed in. We can spend a whole lot of time there just in all the pretty shops.

We start off at Baker & Spice – have a coffee and some pastry in the morning, sitting on the benches outside. They have blankets for humans should they feel the cold.


Cappucino, croissant at Baker & Spice

Next we wander a bit further down and there’s Thomas Cubitt which we love going to. A gastro-pub that’s always full it seems. On weekends, we try to be at 12 when it opens otherwise it’s a long wait.  Besides big humans, there are often many kiddies and there are often other dogs – sometimes we bark at each other and draw attention to ourselves. It’s noisy with the kids and adults talking excitedly. I’m used to just sitting under the table and wait for tit bits to come my way – usually chips.  They often bring me a bowl of water. If they forget, we always ask.


IMG_0403At the end of the road, is Peggy Porschen – the prettiest in pink cupcake place ever. It is very pretty.  Sometimes on our big walk along King’s Road, we keep going till we reach P.P. We sit for a cup of tea and as always, red velvet cupcake.  I don’t get any of course.  Not good for me, I was told. So Peggy Porschen doesn’t serve me well food-wise but it’s a pretty place. When the sun’s out, we sit outside on pretty pink chairs.


The usual please – red velvet cupcake

As we start our walk back, we always stop at Mungo & Maud – Mummy’s favourite pet accessorie place.  We already have tons of stuff from there – my bed, my bowl, my collar, my lead and a few chewed up toys.  But she likes to just go in and browse – lots of lovely things.




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  1. Wendeline

    Your mom took me there too. I had fish and chips and Christmas pudding. We had a wonderful time. You were having an adventure out in the country that day, so we missed bringing you.

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