Loving Lucio

Today we found another restaurant near where we live that I can go to with Mummy!  Hooray!

Lucio is on Fulham Road with white table cloths and they like us pooches. Mr. Lucio himself came to say hello and told me I’m molto bella! Awww! Love the Italians again!!!

IMG_1338I wasn’t the only one there. Shortly after we arrived, in came a cocker spaniel and of course I barked at her. QUIET!!! I was told (by Mummy) but after a short greeting – all was peaceful again.  We even met Teddy’s Mummy there – she recognised me.

IMG_1341Well, I presumed the food must have been good. I did get some pieces of foccacia, some grissini, and pieces of yummy chicken paillard handed down to me – but no tiramisu.


IMG_1353Not even when I gave the sad brown eyes look – ma niente!!! 🙁

Mummy’s comment:

The hunt continues for dog friendly restaurants. I have walked past Lucio so many times and just assumed that they would never allow dogs since it’s a white table-cloth restaurant and very Chelsea looking. But someone gave me a tip and I went to ask – and of course they love dogs. So we went to try their lunch. And we weren’t the only doggy there – there was a cocker spaniel who is obviously familiar with the place. The owner, Lucio came to say hello and greeted us.  Food was delish and perfect for a light Italian lunch. Will try it again for dinner sometime as it is just down the road from us.  The mission continues. Lucio is at  257-259 Fulham Road.

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