A Wimbledon Ball-Dog?

Well, I wore my Wimbledon colours – purple and green and I went as far as Wimbledon but that’s where we parted ways!


I went home with Agnes, my dog minder to watch the matches on telly whilst Mummy went to watch the Men’s Semi-finals. Wish I could have gone with her but then again, I could be very distracted and run after those tennis balls. That could have been fun for me … hey, maybe I could have been a ball-dog. How come no one has thought of that!?!?!?!

I think I better start practising with the balls.

IMG_0637One tennis ball

IMG_0638Hey! What happened? It’s growing!  I can’t pick it up with my mouth.

IMG_0644Oh no! Stop! It’s getting bigger than me!

IMG_0645Very funny!

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