Lucca, il calciotore

This is Lucca – he loves football!  And it gets me very excited when he kicks that ball around – and I get told off! Hmmmm! He was asked not to annoy me – πŸ™‚  So he sat down quietly … for a little while at least. IMG_4789By then I got used to him and left him alone.

Lucca’s Mummy, Sarah and my Mummy used to work together in Milano.IMG_4791They haven’t seen each other a lot since then so there was much to talk about. When Lucca’s Daddy came home, Sarah took us out to dinner at Cookbook – a very friendly neighbourhood restaurant which is of course dog friendly! It seems most restaurants in Italy are dog-friendly. Are we loving this yet? IMG_4802 There were lots of interesting vintage artefacts …
IMG_4803 IMG_4804 IMG_4805 IMG_4808 IMG_4812 IMG_4807 IMG_4819IMG_4817 But this was the best!IMG_4813 Today’s version of Refrigerated Fresh Chocolates!IMG_4814There were two other dogs in the restaurant – one of them, a big fat bulldog kept coming over to nose at me – I did NOT LIKE that at all and barked at him. But he really should not be wandering around and cornering me like that! Anyway, Mummy shoo-ed him away but he came again a few times. Finally, Oliver, that’s his name finally got told off by his daddy.

IMG_4796Yum! Pasta with salsiccia and parmigiana!

IMG_4792And I was under the chair.  IMG_4793May’s comment: Lovely place, family run restaurant near Corso Sempione. Cook Book is at via Cenisio, 72 – Milano

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