Lunch at Kenwood

We took HWHNN to another park in London and to meet one of my buddies, Rusty and his Mummy, Martine.

IMG_4613More hugs and lunch! Well, sort of. It was humans having lunch while we watched.IMG_4598 Hello! I’m down here.IMG_4597Let’s all try another position – if we looked at them hard enough maybe something will come our way. (It always does with Mummy!)IMG_4604 Like those sausages!IMG_4600 Oops! Teaching HWHNN all the wrong things!  He wasn’t like that at Henry Root yesterday! IMG_4606And Rusty barked at the dessert! No, Rusty, barking at it won’t make it come to you. 🙂IMG_4617Rusty says, “Really?”IMG_4616After lunch we went for a walk on the green in front of Kenwood 4-29 But was soon told we had to be on the lead. I think it was my fault because I was chasing HWHNN and barking at him. The warden came along and told everyone that all dogs have to be on the lead. Bummer! Sorry, guys!

It’s very big here and it feels almost like the country. There are lots of woods to run into and also quite a few puddles – so Mummy is shouting after me at each one! Maybe a bit stressful for her.  She’ll never let Dinky off the lead here.


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