Lunching at Kitty Fisher’s

Mummy managed to get a table at the very popular Kitty Fisher’s in Mayfair … they are dog-friendly but I don’t think they were expecting two of us when Mummy said – with dog.IMG_3207 Thankfully, Mummy’s friend, Ngan, helped out … so we have a dog each.IMG_3200It’s a smallish restaurant, quite dark. We had a table downstairs …IMG_3199Georgie wasn’t feeling well and he actually was sick under the table which didn’t help given we were first-timers and they are in a neighbourhood that is not used to having dogs turn up in restaurants.IMG_3197They wanted Mummy to sit on the end because they were afraid I would bother the people at the next table.
IMG_3183Really? What sort of dogs go to this restaurant?

Mummy told them, no such thing will happen. I wouldn’t do anything like that and that I will be under the table.IMG_3187 Only looking up to see if Mummy would share anything from her plateIMG_3191 I don’t even know what she’s having but I am just trying.

May’s comment:  Kitty Fisher’s, the current highly popular modern British (very small) restaurant in Mayfair.  Lovely to try it out with doggies and a good friend from Malaysia.IMG_3212My roe on toast as appetiser was perfect IMG_3194but Ngan got these chunks of rough-hewn striated bread IMG_3192served with whipped butter dusted with jet-black onion “ash”!!!!!!  Something different.  All delicious!

Located at the fast becoming hip Shepherd’s Market – 10 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QF

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