Posing (nervously) with grinning Rose

Rose is a white German Shepherd. As you know I have this fear for GS, but apparently so does Rose because she was attacked by one!  Well, we have something in common.

You see, I had met Rose three years ago when Mummy took me to visit her friend MalgosiaIMG_9876And not only Rose but there was her brother Antoine, a Wolf Dog (even scarier!) IMG_9887I was very nervous as I was outnumbered. But Malgosia reassured me that they would not attack me like that GS security dog that put the fear in my heartIMG_9894-2and by end of the day, I was following them around.IMG_9910I was more nervous about the cats!  Yes, there were two of them.

But it’s been awhile so when I saw this HUGE white dog coming towards us at the Duke of York Square … IMG_3452 I BARKED at it! Go away, you beast, I said! I barked some more and George then started barking because I barked (he doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time! LOL!)

Instead the beast came closer!IMG_3457 And she sat down at our table!

OMG!!!! What do we do?!?!?!IMG_3454Then it sort of all came back to me as I remembered Malgosia.IMG_3461 And then Mummy asked for the impossible – she wanted me to take a photo with Rose. OK, I was a little nervous – but look at Rose! IMG_3460She’s grinning at me! She thinks it’s funny!

And Mummy’s grinning for different reasons … she got a bottle of Malgosia’s spumanteIMG_3467And a beautiful scarf from Malgosia’s collection!IMG_3469Before long it was time to say goodbye and we watched Malgosia and Rose walk away – a dramatic pairing!
IMG_3473May’s comment:  Almost three years to the day, finally met up with Malgosia and so pleased that she brought Rose along.  A very talented artist, she has a range of products at Malgosia Stepnik Space. Have always loved and admired her work. And love her dogs!!!

And lucky me, I was the recipient of Malgosia’s beautiful cashmere scarves – the Vitality Scarf. So soft and light – perfect for an English summer as well as cold winter days! IMG_3463And a bottle of her own label spumante (Italian bubbly) – SIMPLY PINKIMG_3471


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    We’ll Miss D I don’t know what you said to Rose, but she looks more terrified than you! Lucky mummy receiving what looks to be a beautiful scarf AND Spumante!!

  2. Lola the Cockapoo

    Gosh you are brave Miss Darcy, I also get worried by bigger dogs as one wasn’t nice to me either. Maybe I’ll try and find my courage like you did. Mummy and I do enjoy reading your stories. Mummy says that the scarf is beautiful.

  3. Cheryl

    Miss Darcy, you are very brave! I think you deserve a treat for your bravery!
    May, that scarf is gorgeous!!

  4. Sarah Hope-Walker

    I love those dogs too!

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