Mac goes home!

After our lovely lunch at Cafe Fleurs, we drove to the Le Petit Pigeolet, a Societe Protectrice des Animaux (S.P.A.) of the Vaucluse Region.  This is one of many S.P.A. s throughout France.IMG_2825This is where Tory found little Tati about four years ago.

Mummy went in to have a look at the place and spoke to one of the staff members.  She was told that on that day, there were more than 360 dogs at the S.P.A.IMG_2827And each day, an average of 10 dogs are added to the growing number. The dogs are mostly found wandering on the streets.  Occasionally, they are handed in.

When the dogs are found and they are microchipped or sometimes the contact info is tattoed on the dog’s ears, the S.P.A. would try and reunite them with their owners.  All too often it’s the case of – they don’t want them any more. 🙁  And to avoid having to pay a fee for leaving them at the rescue centre, they just abandon them on the streets.  This is too sad.


The rate of adoption is obviously lagging far behind the numbers being abandoned. This seems to be the case everywhere.

But on that day, Mummy was introduced to Mac, a Sharpei Cross.  He was being adopted and about to leave the centre.IMG_2834Apparently he has a brother, who is white and he was called Donald.  So Mac and Donald were left at the rescue.

These are Mac’s new owners …IMG_2842 As they left the S.P.A. for his new forever home.IMG_2837One down and over 300 left.

May’s comment: Seem like it is an ongoing issue everywhere. Dogs are abandoned or mistreated on a daily basis.

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