Where the river runs through

After the Saturday market at Pernes-les-Fontaines, we went to L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue – where a clear river runs through the town.
P1020984Er, yes, Georgie. P1020994Walking along the streets, we came across these funny looking dogs …

IMG_2803Or were they wellies pretending to be dogs?!?!!?
IMG_2804Oh, why are those cats with their hackles up everywhere?P1020985We came across a quaint little shop that sounds appropriate for us travellers!IMG_2820We had lunch at Cafe FleursP1030003Where we were seated at a table with direct access to the river!  Is that a really good idea for George?P1020995But thankfully, Georgie was distracted by the ivy around us and there were no ducklings swimming past.P1030005Tory told me I had to behave in this restaurant – and no jumping up to see what was on the table.IMG_2805A bit boring if I may say.  Mummy felt sorry for me so she shared a teensy weeny bit of foie gras! YES!!!!

When the humans finally finished eating (which seemed forever), Tati and I were so ready to leave.P1030019May’s comment: Ahhh! Provence.  Rose, a beautiful carafe of water (the carafe, not the water) sitting outside for lunch on a sunny day in April.P1030007

The waters at L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue were crystal clear with plankton in them – making them look like a Monet painting.P1020991Had read that the clear waters of the Sorgue is due in part to the system of their two huge water wheels and a weir.

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