Mad Hatter George

There’s a Mad Hatter’s tea party at Duke of York Square in Chelsea.IMG_5524Well, it seems that way. There’s a very large tea-pot at the end of this lawnIMG_5676_2And I sat down waiting for tea to be servedIMG_5686_2But the Queen of Hearts told us that they only have Pimms and lemonade!IMG_5687_2Pimms and lemonade? What!?!?!?! No tea and biscuits?

We continued on our search for more Chelsea in Bloom displays.  We discovered a few other displays that were different.IMG_5672_2 Some were just simple and sweetIMG_5691_2 And then we found an elephantIMG_5692_2And we located the mouse with Cinderella’s glass slipper – she has such large feet!!!IMG_5675_2

May’s comment: Another Chelsea in Bloom display at Duke of York Square.IMG_5531Lovely displays for the week.

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