Are we related?

Mummy had Charlie for the day.IMG_5088 Remember Charlie? The shaggy dog?IMG_4386Well, he’s shaggy no more!IMG_5074 We can see his eyes! And we think he’s happier too! IMG_5079We were out walking when we ran into Sammy, who lives in our mansion block.IMG_5101As we were in the courtyard having a tete-a-tete, many of our neighbours asked if we’re related.  IMG_5103Seriously, do you think we look-alike?!?!?!

Hey, you two. Mummy’s taking a photo – look at the camera!IMG_5105


  1. they are so cute x

  2. Katie

    Miss Darcy is the cutest….

  3. Alison

    Just gorgeous- love the way Darcy continues to look at the camera while the boys are distracted!

  4. Margaret Danks

    That’s because MissD is a complete pro lol.

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