One-Dog Policy

One-Dog Policy is the title of Maija Astikainen’s series of photograph portraits of us doggies as lords and ladies of urban domicile. Maija explained that the title refers to the one-dog policy in Beijing and Shanghai in addition to their one-child policy – thus a good metaphor for how important dogs are to us. Phew! I was relieved to hear that she was not a proponent of that policy since we are thinking of a sister for me someday. We met Maija today when she came to take my portrait at home.  She took me in three different settings – and hopes to use one of them in her series! Yay – a London cockapoo made it! IMG_7038This one is of me sitting on Mummy’s antique scholar chairs – I never usually sit on them as they are not so comfortable!IMG_7046 Me on my own antique Vistorian dog chair in front of the bookshelves – I don’t sit here too much either as it’s usually too far away from Mummy.IMG_7065And a final portrait of me still in my own chair but we like the contrast of the red with my subdued colours. Can’t wait to see my portrait! May’s comment: Maija is Helsinki-based and her One-Dog Policy series is part of her photography masters thesis at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. As dogs are the most common pets and often seen and treated more like one of the family members than animals, Maija has taken on a project to seek the human characteristics in our pets. Her series of portraits has been shot in multiple homes in Helsinki and Madrid. She is fascinated with the spaces and personalities of these dogs, capturing with lounging decadence and suspicious curiosity – her photography attempts to find the human qualities pets possess in living amongst us humans. The project is ongoing and since she’s in London, she stopped by to take a photo of Darcy, as she is after all the lady of our home! So there will be London dogs in her series – hooray! And as always, Darcy was very patient. Maija said by far Darcy was the perfect subject – have never photographed a dog that poses so well! That’s my girl! Here are some of her portraits  – One-dog Policy Maija_Astikainen_041 Maija_Astikainen_10 Maija_Astikainen_04 Maija_Astikainen_011

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