We Love Training

This is Vanessa, my trainer – otherwise known as the Treats Lady! photo 4-25 See all those bags she’s carrying – full of treats!!! Let’s check them out! photo 2-42See what I mean?photo 1-49Oops, I am getting told off! Sit, wait, good girl routine.photo 1-49 And I say high five! photo 1-50 She likes putting cream cheese on my nose as a reward so that I spend the time licking it off instead of being concerned about those big dogs that I tend to bark at.photo 1-51Even after we get home, the treats do not stop.IMG_6993 I still have to sit for themIMG_6991A never ending source of treats.IMG_6989 May’s comment: Vanessa Guimares is a Dog Behaviourist. We’ve decided that during this time when I can’t take Darcy to the park, she’s doing what she can help Darcy to be familiar with the techniques to use with Darcy when I am sure on my feet again.  While distracting her learnt habit of barking at big dogs especially at German Shepherds, we’re also reinforcing the recall. She’s doing really well and with long lead on hand, we’re hoping to make it work especially during distractions! That would be such  bonus! Right now, squirrels come first and anything she feels she needs to be vocal about.

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