“Darcy, we’re not in Kansas any more”

Off we went, out to the busy streets of New York City.

We trudged through Central Park. It wasn’t so dog friendly – there weren’t any dog run areas and dogs were not allowed off the lead after 9am. What a bore! I tried running after squirrels only to get yanked back. I also saw sparrows for the first time.

I was actually a bit nervous.  Every time we came across another dog, I would look at them with suspicion and if it was a big dog, I cowered next to Mummy’s leg. I didn’t dare bark at them. I made sure they were at a distance.

We eventually found a Dog Run by the Museum of Natural History. Mummy thought it would be nice for me to socialise with New York dogs. I was afraid to go in. When Mummy finally managed to carry/pull me inside, I followed her to the bench and sat next to her.  I did not want to get down to mingle. We sat there for half hour. Even when other dogs came to sniff, I ignored them. One time, I backed up so far, I fell off the back of the bench. IMG_4740

May’s comment: Darcy seemed unsure around them – maybe she knew she was a foreigner and it was not her territory. When a German Shepherd came in, she definitely became quite nervous and started barking – she was attacked by one. Overall, I thought she seemed a bit more anxious and she knew that this is a totally new place – she sniffed around a lot, and followed closely.

There are not many places you can take a dog to in Manhattan. They can’t go off lead in the parks. No such thing as restaurants allowing dogs in but most stores welcome dogs. There were quite a few dog runs but overall unimaginative – concrete fenced in areas.  Sometimes we’re lucky there are seats for the owners.  The dogs just go round and round in circles.  

It’s also a chance one takes if you want to take a bus or subway – you might be refused depending on the driver or the person on the platform. And taxis mostly refuse to take dogs – so all it meant was a lot of walking.

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