Central Park, NYC is Dog City

We went for our walks every day before 9am so I could run off lead.  After which we need to be back on the lead.  Thankfully the park is only two blocks from us so we didn’t have far to go.

IMG_4935Walking along Fifth Avenue to Central Park

We usually walked up to the North Meadows. All along the winding paths we would find other dogs and their owners – all catching balls. There weren’t any squirrels to chase so I try to befriend the dogs.  They don’t seem to like to socialise but instead they play ball with their owners.  I found a few smaller dogs who were friendlier. There are quite a few Goldendoodles but not so many Cockapoos.

IMG_4766 IMG_4758 At first I spent a lot of time sitting at Mummy’s feet.

Then one Saturday we thought we’d try another route and as we walked further south towards the Metropolitan Museum we saw A LOT of dogs and then when we got to a grassy mound behind the museum, there were hundreds of them everywhere – all breeds and sizes.  There were also lots of humans standing around talking to each other while we dogs just walked around. Sometimes we would chase – I preferred to run with the big dogs but they ignored me most of the time. And I didn’t feel like playing with the little pooches.

IMG_5015 IMG_5020 IMG_5021


May’s comment: After having lived in NYC for seven years, and only two blocks from it – it was only because I was walking Darcy that I got to see parts of the park that I have never been to before.  As I have realised – that’s one added benefit of having Darcy – I actually do “smell the roses” when I am walking her.

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