Marley’s Christmas Party

Marley invited us to his house for a doggy Christmas party (such a busy social calendar, you cannot imagine!)

It was an interesting “party” – it started off quite nicely. We arrived at his lovely home and had a really good fun running around their garden.IMG_8065 IMG_8066 IMG_8072 IMG_8075 IMG_8073 All of us chasing GeorgeIMG_8064Poor little Bubbles got tired running after usIMG_8087But we soon went inside and there was this guy whom Marley was really excited to see IMG_8192It’s Oli Juste  the dog trainer – we met him at Pet Aid.IMG_8199He was telling the hoomans about us!!!  Giving away our secrets.

After all that insight about us, the hoomans decided we were too dirty after running around in the garden, getting all muddy and thought they would then give us all a bath and fluffing session. So our party turned out to be their party!

But not gorgeous little Marley who did not get muddy like the rest of us. So he presided over affairs for the rest of the day …
IMG_8176He watched as Mummy gave Georgie a wash –IMG_8189After his fluffing, he looked dreamily into the garden – IMG_8249desperately wanting to go out again.

When Mummy said, “No way, Jose!” he was  upset and got a hug from PraewaIMG_8203Then Praewa worked her magic with Jaffa – brushing her out before a wash IMG_8174And voila! Jaffa after a blow-dry IMG_8212And then it was my turn – looking more like a spaniel when I am wetIMG_8205And I had the fluff out as wellIMG_8256After that I definitely deserved a treatIMG_8232As for Bubbles …IMG_8254Well, she ‘s always fluffy!IMG_8270But in the end, after the hoomans had us all clean again, Mummy said – ok, one last run before we left the party!IMG_8237 IMG_8236But George was reluctant to come in when Mummy said it was time to go home.IMG_8241He stood his ground for awhile till “treats” was calling! LOL!

May’s comment: Thank you Marley for hosting us!IMG_8171We had an interesting dog-training theory with Oli Juste, a dog trainer behaviourist whom we had met at Pup Aid. Had a few insights about our fur babies. And things to think about – what we had assumed, was not what we had thought. We discussed marking, play-fighting, etc, etc. Thinking of setting up another party for people looking to gain further insights and questions about dog behaviour. It was interesting to also learn from each other’s experiences with our dogs.

The merry crowd of Marley (toy poodle), Bubbles (shih-tzu), Jaffa (cockapoo), George (yorkie-shih-tzu-poo-poo) and Darcy (cockapoo)IMG_8262

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