Is that a squirrel – that didn’t run away?

We were at Marley’s Christmas party and all of us were out running in his garden …IMG_8075 IMG_8065 IMG_8073When my heightened sense of prey caught a sniff of something different …IMG_8095My nose immediately took me to an interesting “house”IMG_8120Mummy, what’s in there?IMG_8122 Yaena told me that if I am patient, she would show me. She took out of it this squirrel lookalike –IMG_8101 but bigger than the ones we chase in the park.IMG_8098 I was totally intriguedIMG_8113As I inched closer to smell itIMG_8111Why didn’t it run away like those squirrels in the park?IMG_8108Whoa! There’s another one but bigger!!!!! And this one doesn’t look like a squirrel at all.
IMG_8116Oh my goodness gracious me! It’s a rabbit!!! And he’s called Blue. And the other one is called Bella.

They totally had me – for the rest of our visit, I continued to be intrigued.IMG_8129 I sat and staredIMG_8130 And thought to get a little closerIMG_8131 What are they doing in there?IMG_8132The others were wondering what I was staring so intently at …IMG_8142 There are two rabbits in there, guys!IMG_8145 Jaffa said – what should we do about it?IMG_8149Well, I needed to have a better view!
IMG_8134So I jumped up on the rabbit hutch (that’s what they told me it’s called) and peeked in from above. This is a really good hutch, they must have had a good range of hutches at the pet store!IMG_8136 Then all the others started to be curious about them too – but Jaffa, who hasn’t done agility like I had, went up to the side wallIMG_8147 Oh, I see, this is an easier way to see themIMG_8150Or there’s a flower pot I can stand on as well.IMG_8153Rabbits, do you want to come out to play?

May’s comment: I wonder what Darcy would have done with them if they were out. She would probably be really intrigued. And then if they hopped, she would have barked at them. But for now, she can just look at them in the hutch. She was extremely gentle when introduced and more curious than anything else.

For all concerned, NO RABBITS WERE HARMED!!!!

In London, foxes roam the gardens and streets at night and these rabbits are used to getting visitors – foxes with intention! Thank goodness they are safe in their hutch.



  1. Sarah

    Poor rabbits, must have had a miserable day!

    • Miss Darcy

      They were probably more amused than miserable. Their owner would not have allowed it if they are not used to having foxes peering into their hutch every night. They also come out to play with their dog.

  2. Tory Johnston

    Yes Sarah, I agree with you – the rabbits were probably terrified with all those dogs climbing on their hutch and peering in at their door !

  3. margaret danks

    I’m sure they are used to having dogs peering in at them…they live with dogs!

  4. Miss Darcy

    To reassure those overly concerned for the rabbits, I have to let you in on a secret. You take an instance, a photo op – and tell a tale.  The dogs were interested for all of five minutes. Then they were back to chasing each other in the garden – and then indoors getting groomed. Curious, yes. Vicious, not at all. Story telling is an exaggeration of an instance. We apologise for causing concerns by our story telling.

  5. Janet Smedley

    The rabbits look fine! We had a lovely heinze 57 called Jemma and a white rabbit called blossom and they were best of friends! Cuddled up to each other. Played together everyday. You can see from the photos the dogs are just interested and the rabbits look very calm and contented.

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