New Year! New Coat!

I have a new Puppia coat – courtesy of the Harrods Pet Kingdom Clearance Sale!  And I am wearing this to Wales!


May’s comment: This looks just like my Barbour! This is a Puppia coat – love the fur trimmed hood!


And the details!



  1. Nicola

    Miss Darcy you look gorgeous! Molly went to the grooming parlour yesterday and they shaved her tummy… not sure about it myself. Do you have your tummy shaved and what do you think of it?
    Very wet here today so I suspect that your new coat will come in useful in Wales!

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Nicola,
      I got cut very short about six-seven weeks ago. So while Mummy had a shock when she saw me at the groomers that day, she had actually come to appreciate my short cut – esp when it got very wet and muddy. She realised how much easier it was to keep me clean. But my hair has grown out more or less – not like before and Mummy wonders how much longer she would let it grow. My legs still look a bot skinny – and that she likes to have they thicker/longer. As for my chest, never! And neither my tummy. However she will experiment the next time around (I still do not need full grooming after that shave!) she will ask for my armpits to be cut very short – that’s where I matt the most.
      And, yes, I have three outfits coming to Wales – one for travelling on trains (Mummy doesn’t like me sitting on the floor of trains), one for running crazy (Equafleece) – we’re still using this while my hair is still short as it matts me the worst! And the rain coat for when we’re walking in the towns.
      Mummy loves my new jacket! It looks just like hers. Maybe we’ll have our photo taken together. x

  2. Maggie

    Def come in useful when you go on your hols to Wales!, The coat Is very smart

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