You + Me + NYC = L.O.V.E.

Gosh, it seems like ages since that last night in NYC.  It’s been a whirlwind since we came home.

A friend from Hong Kong arrived the day after we were home. I had to stay home while they have been doing London things together. Quite a different scene to the ten days when Mummy and I were together almost the entire trip.

It’s a quiet evening Darcy returns home tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing my agility-trained sister – and probably smelling like a country dog! LOL! Hope she remembers how to behave in restaurants and city parks. I wonder if she’ll be happy to see me.

There were some things that were quite particular to the City. In the mornings when we go out for breakfast at Yura, we see a lot of dogs crossing the avenues. Sometimes they go out in large packs –And they would bark at me when I walk past!I wasn’t sure why Mummy kept saying, “NO!” every time I relieved myself near some greens on the concrete pavement,
Oh no! GEORGE!!!! You have to do it on the curb!!!” she hisses at me in low tones. Well, no one told me why!We lived near “Museum Mile”  These were just the few we pass on our way to Central Park … The Jewish Museum, The GuggenheimAnd one of Mummy’s favourites, The Cooper Hewitt.  We didn’t have time to walk a little further to the Metropolitan, The Whitney and The Frick. I wouldn’t have been able to go in anyway.

When we entered Central Park, we walked right by the reservoir Mummy had walked around the reservoir with Darcy a few years ago but now dogs are not allowed on the track.
Mummy had thought we would spend more time walking through Central Park – but we really only managed one walk – all the way from East 92nd Street …To Central Park South.
We walked with Cara and her mummy and daddy.I saw so many squirrels and almost, just almost did a runner but I didn’t! LOL! I got to walk on snow! It was a freezing sensation! The weather was quite strange. When we arrived, it was freezing cold and by the time we left, it was warm – all in one week.

There were lots of little cafes and restaurants that we couldn’t go into I’ve learnt that I needed to stay outside and wait And I knew Mummy will come back to get me. I would look around nervously but there were other dogs too.If the weather was better, Mummy and I could have had a lot more experiences together – having meals sitting on pavements.

Sometimes when I couldn’t go with Mummy to places, I spent time with Aunty May-Mei at her work She and her co-workers took very good care of me.

On a couple of evenings, I even got to spend time alone with these munchkins  And had lots of cuddles Yup, my social calendar was full and Mummy ran around everyday to take me to places.


But all too soon, we had to leave this great big metropolis.Though I did meet so many new friends, Cara, Oliver, Bella, Nikko, Bennie, Bailey and of course our cousin Molly. Let’s not forget lonely Zeus. 🙁

There were a lot of doodles everywhere, like – Queenie, a labradoodle and Santiago, a cavapoonervously waiting for his groom. I did miss my friends in London. It would have been more fun if Darcy had been with us.

Thank you for taking me to New York. I hope I did you proud. xxx

May’s comment:  Finally a quiet moment since arriving home on late Friday.  Time for reflection before Darcy comes home tomorrow – thinking about the time George and I spent together.

I remember one morning during out trip, I woke up to see this little facelaying quietly next to my pillow. We stayed like this for a while, looking into each other’s eyes, studying each other’s faces. Two and a half years ago I could not imagine we could connect like this.

Something has changed about George. He has definitely been more clingy. He used to just get up and go with whoever takes him (which was worrying). These days when he sees me, he jumps for joy, he spins around and he is simply joyous. And when I leave hm, he would cry. He wasn’t always like this. It took a little while before he knew who he really belonged to us.

He had also gained in trust. I can leave him alone in rooms/hotel rooms or tied up outside the food shops. He would not cry or be anxious. He knew I was coming back for him. When I return I find him sitting where I had left him, staring at the door where I had disappeared.

Our time in New York had flown by all too quickly, but staying a little longer wasn’t an option. Things to do back home …It was a big trip for little George and he did incredibly well.

Just like the time with Darcy in NYC, this trip had been more special because I spent it with George.

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  1. Janie Instance

    It was fascinating following you and George’s trip – especially as I only came back the week before you went! Can’t imagine doing it with one of my 3!

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