I’m on the see-saw!

Hooray! I did it!!! I can now do the see-saw!


Just one more item on the agility course to learn.

But knackered at the end of day!Still at the House of Mutt for a couple more days.  I know Mummy and George are home from their trip. Do you think Mummy has forgotten about me? Or do you think she’s putting me through boot camp?

May’s comment: Well done, Miss D! I knew it wouldn’t take you long to master it – as long as there was a treat at the end of it.  Last thing to master – the slalom. Can you do that before you return to being a city dog, that wears jackets and have regular grooming sessions?



  1. Cheryl

    Way to go Darcy! See practice pays off!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Darcy — You look like a pro on the see-saw! Hurray for you!

  3. Nancy Koon

    Yah Darcy…WELL DONE!!!

  4. Davina Lawrence

    Well done Darcey. Johnny loves agility to. You will soon master the course.

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