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Amazing 32 at #2 for 2018

It was a cold February Sunday – the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky – and 32 doodles came out to play!!!! L-R: Cav Cav, Pepa (cavapoo), Indie and Napoleon (toy poodles), George (honorary poo), Crumpet (labradoodle), Teddy (cavapoo), Lyra, Stella, Dudley, Mossy, Cara, Mac, Maisy,  Coco, Lucca, Jesse, Rusty, Darcy, Winston (poochon), Theo (cavachon), Loki, Bella, Dilly

Missing from group photo: Lila, Ted, Crumble, Elvis, Violet, Mila, Raffey, Winnie (Havapoo)Winnie went to Mummy for some loving – after she saw Mummy giving Winston (aka Churchill) a squeeze.Meet the two toy poodles – Napoleon and Indie Just want to say guys, if not for you, there won’t be us doodles!

There were some whom we haven’t seen for a long timeAnd so many new faces – lots of puppies today …Meet the next generation of doodles – lots of puppies today (all around 6 months and less!)Mila, Pepa, Mossy, Stella – I think Dilly was exhausted and didn’t make the Next Generation photo!

I bet all these puppies were zonked the rest of the day!  Even I was knackered – I slept through lunch.

May’s comment: What an amazing turn-out. I think this must have been our largest turn-out yet. There was one other time when we had over 30 doodles!  Today we had lots of cockapoos, two cavapoos, a very big labradoodle, havapoo, poochon, cavachon and even two toy poodles! If not for them we wouldn’t have any of the doodles! 🙂

Thank you to all the newcomers! Your puppies always make the meets special. When we first met five years ago, Darcy was not yet two and every time they all did the doodle dash. Now that they’re all grown up, they don’t do it any more.

The next Hyde Park Meet will be the 25th March – same time, same place. Though Darcy, George and I won’t be there as I’m off to see the kiddies in Ko Samui the meet must go on. We will miss you all – and Martine will be the chief photographer of the day! 🙂


  1. Rusty and Martine

    Lovely morning x

  2. Cecilia

    Fun gathering!

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