Celebrating seven different ways

For my first birthday, Mummy bought me a birthday cup cake. We celebrated the day by ourselves. I haven’t met too many friends then. But one of my godmothers, Beate, sent me a whole cake!Which could have fed a whole community of dogs!!! I wasn’t allowed to eat it all by myself. Mummy thought it would be a good way to get to know the neighbours and shared it with all the doggies that we knew.

The next year, just before I turned two, Mummy had met Stacy and I met Zavia – and together we formed the Hyde Park Cockapoo Club.  My circle of friends grew considerably and for my second birthday, I had friends to celebrate with.
Left to right: Rocko, me, Dash and Zavia

And we still had only one small cupcake amongst us – how did we manage that?

For my third birthday, we had a bigger gathering – all friends from the Hyde Park Cockapoo meetL to R: Dash, Phoenix, Rusty, me, Lucca, Muffin (moved to Lugano), Rosie and Lola (moved to Vienna), Rocko

We had more than one cupcakeFor my fourth, Mummy had begun to realise that birthday parties were really not so much fun for us. We had to wear silly hats and shared cake. She thought I would much prefer to go running on the beach. So off we went to Sandbanks!Miuccia came with us and we met up with Poppy.That’s when we found out George didn’t like the water.He was running by himself on the beach – so I joined him.

When I turned five, Mummy had other ideas. This time we went to the Yorkshire Dales and found a lovely Bed & Breakfast at The Stow House.  Mummy had thought that since George didn’t like the water, beaches were wasted on him. It might be better to go walking in the Yorkshire Dales.  But wasn’t it my birthday and not George’s? I think that was more for Mummy than for me.But I do think we had more fun! Miuccia, George and I were running to our heart’s content in vast fields – all until the city-hoomans (Mummy and Jacqui) got lost in the Dales. Not to mention that George decided to do a runner and made Mummy go down a steep hill-side to try to catch him. Thankfully we all made it back to “civilisation” and a much-needed cup of tea for the hoomans. We were completely knackered!!!Jacqui and Miuccia bought me a very HUGE lamb cake – as we celebrated that evening after our long, exhausting walk.Five candles!

Last year when I turned six, my birthday fell on the last Sunday of February – which coincided with the Hyde Park Doodle Meet – We brought cupcakes to share with everyone.  But that was not the end of our celebration. Later that day, we left for Hambleton Hall. Mummy had won a silent auction at the Dogs Trust fund-raising that year. The win was for a night and dinner for two at Hambleton Hall – and she chose to use it for my birthday.

Something a little more refined. 🙂

While out in the Rutland area, we had arranged to meet up with some friends, Lola and Bow for lunch at The Olive Branch.

This was a special place in Mummy’s world of dogs – this was where she first heard about us cockapoos. It was during a time when she was seeking the companionship of a four-legged friend and by chance, she met a lady from London with a black cockapoo there. And when informed that Mummy was looking for a dog, she sang our praises and insisted that Mummy must have a Cockapoo! And that was how our story began – right there on that spot where she had sat seven years ago – in early April 2011.  I had already entered the world. I was by then seven weeks old, squirming around somewhere in Wales, not yet spoken for.  Later that day, Mummy got on the website and saw me and my two brothers, Milo and Billy. Mummy wanted a Mr. Darcy so I was overlooked. But her friend insisted she got a girl and that was my fate. So here we are, seven years later …

We survived the first couple of months getting to know each other.  And now you can say, we are inseparable. Even with George in the equation.

So how are we celebrating tomorrow? Will tell you all about it when the day is done!

May’s comment: Seven. How time has flown.

Seven years ago today, you squeezed your way out into this world. Seven years ago, I had never even heard of a cockapoo.  I never met you till you were three months old. I didn’t know what I was doing then – I didn’t choose you. You didn’t choose me.  The Universe brought us together in strange and unexpected ways. Some people are in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The persons who facilitated the beginning of our relationship were people for a reason – and that was enough. The rest of the story is ours. And I cannot be more blessed than to have you in my life. I have made mistakes along the way and I still do. Sometimes I feel so undeserving of you – but you forgave me, and we journeyed on. Your love has opened my eyes and my heart to emotions I never thought I was capable of. For that, you were given to me by the Universe – for I don’t think I could have learnt to love so purely and unconditionally if not for you.

We think we know what we want, but the Universe always knows what we need.


  1. Liz Burman

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday sweet D’arcy. I hope mummy has lots of lovely surprises for you.❤️???

  2. Rusty and Martine

    Happy birthday Rusty xxxx????

  3. Cheryl and Susie

    Happy Birthday Miss Darcy, looking forward to hearing about your special day. xxx

  4. Sarah

    Happy birthday little Darcy, sweetest of cockapoos!
    Birthday good wishes from Merlin

  5. Alison Mullett

    Happy birthday Darcy! ????

  6. Jane Auer

    Dear Darcy, wishing you a very Happy 7th Birthday, so sorry we can’t be with you on you special day. Looking forward to seeing you again one day. Hebe & Jane ? xxx ???

  7. Maria Wheeler

    What a lovely story brought years to my eyes. You have the best mummy ever Darcy. Enjoy your special day xx

  8. Sandy

    Happy birthday Darcy. Great photos.

  9. Julie James

    Happy birthday Darcy! Can’t wait to celebrate with you! Love Barnaby! ❤️

  10. Davina Lawrence

    Happy birthday dear Darcy hope you have a great day with love tom Johnny and his mummy

  11. Nicola

    May, your story always makes me cry: happy tears mind you. We are blessed with a bootiful furiends ?

  12. Lisa

    Happy birthday Darcy (and celebrations to you May) from Puppy Carter and Alfie Spoo in New Zealand.

  13. Maree

    Happy birthday Miss Darcy we hope you have an an amazing fun filled day with lots if cake and special new adventure for our Mummy too read to us. Love Maya Fern and our Mummy.

  14. Jill Keiser

    Happy Birthday, Darcy! We are so glad you and your Mummy found each other and started sharing your adventures with all of us!

  15. Kathy Shoulders

    What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful fur baby! Happy Nirtjday Darcy! May you have many many more!

  16. Kathy Shoulders

    I meant Birthday!

  17. Alison Tipping

    Happy Birthday beautiful Miss Darcy x and if not for your gorgeous face on T.V. we wouldn’t have our handsome funny Biscuit with us today x hope you have a great Birthday x

  18. Julie Mcevilly

    Happy birrhday gorgeous girl. What lovely words May. All have a very special day love Julie & Bailey xx

  19. Lucca

    A lovely passage of time, and giving us the opportunity to meet you and May
    Lucca and I send you many sniffs and licks Happy Birthday Darcy, a princess
    Of the canine world ?

  20. Margaret Danks

    Beautiful words May. ?❤️

  21. Helen

    Lots of wishes and wags from Muppet.

  22. Juliet Prouse

    Such a lovely post. Happy happy birthday Miss Darcey! Wishing you many more happy days and wonderful adventures. Xxx

  23. Lucy Cronin

    Great post! Happy Birthday Miss Darcy. Enjoy your Mum. ❤️??

  24. Karen

    Happy Birthday Darcy, all the way from Australia. Thank you for bringing a little joy into my life each day through your blog.
    love from Lottie – the spoodle and Karen. xx

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