Goodbye kisses for Lucky and Polo

Their first meeting was tentative – “who was that strange, squealing lady – scaring us in the car?”

Lucky and Polo were originally named Marco and Polo – but Little Tyke decided he didn’t like Marco and chose Lucky as a replacement.

Polo is the braver of the two.And more curious.She often takes to walking along the edge of the pool
And she has taken to jumping into the flower beds – not quite sure what she does inside of them.

Lucky is more nervous and not as quick.  He has a funny tuft on the top of his head which makes us wonder what the father could have been.

But they love playing with each other – in the gardens

Always taking something from each other. When in the house, they played by the pool

and they love playing in the rain.

They’ve built them a concrete kennel in the garden with tiled floors to keep them cool. It is so hot here that they don’t sleep in beds.  Mummy thought she would bring our unused Mungo & Maud travel mat for them.But it is so warm here that they prefer to sleep on the cooler stone floors – under the pool lounges.Even under the kitchen cabinets.Sometimes Little Tyke falls asleep with them.Feeding time varies.  When they’re hungry, they ask for their food.And they chomp away – in the Mungo & Maud bowls that Mummy brought them! 🙂 They were once ours but we have so many and these are the only ones that matches.Sometimes they are not so keen on their food – Usually Polo would eat hers immediately. While Lucky would sit by his bowl and guard his food.And slowly pecks at it.Because they have not been toilet trained, they are really not allowed in the house as they’ve had a few accidents always on the rugs.  But they have done so much better the last few days when they can go into the garden. And we think when they have learnt to do their business outside hopefully that means they might be spending more time inside :).
Fingers crossed.Mummy also brought them her latest favourite Hindquarter collars and leashes. Polo in pink and Lucky in blue but she purposefully mixed up the leashes – and it looks like my new collar and leash will be the same.

On the first day when they had on their collar, they were wondering what on earth was that tinkling sound around their necks – but after a few hours, they were used to it – BUT they don’t know how to walk on lead. They sort of get it and then they’re scared of new places so they wouldn’t move.  That will take time.

But they learnt a couple of commands – SIT and PAW! Polo learnt it in no time but it took Lucky a few days before he got it. Polo is the really greedy one – maybe that’s why she learnt so quickly. And she then gets in the way of Lucky.And on the last evening, they took the doggies to the beach house – Lucky made it to the back of the car with Little TykeBut Mummy had Polo on her lapDo you get the feeling that Mummy will be missing them when she leaves. 🙁

But till she sees them again, they will have Little Tyke and Mini Tyke to love them.

May’s comment: In Thailand, most of the dogs wander the streets during the day and then rern to their homes in the evening for food and a place to sleep. Sometimes they are stray dogs who have chosen a home to go to – and the kind Thais would feed them. And when they keep returning to a certain home, they eventually become part of the household. This was the case with Lucky and Polo’s mother, who is a golden retriever. She became pregnant whilst wandering the streets during the day, and gave birth to seven puppies – six golden and one black. But we don’t know what is their father.

The family kept the mother and the black puppy – and gave away the six golden ones. That’s how Lucky and Polo came to be Sasha and Skye’s dogs.

They both love Darcy and George. Sasha and Darcy are BFFs – they sort of “grew up” together and Skye loves George and thinks George loves her the most. In the last few years, every time they’ve come to London, they’ve always asked if they could have a pet. So this year, they each got a puppy for their birthdays.

Over enthused Aunty May brought bags of presents! The one thing I loved so much are the collars and leashes from Hindquarters – they are smart and practical : made from cotton webbing they are strong and reliable but soft-to-the-touch and comfy. The collars fasten with a unique slot-and-lock buckle and the metalwork is marine grade stainless steel, so corrosion proof and even suitable for those who like to visit the beach. Just machine wash when mucky. You can also mix and match the colours.

Brought them bowls from Mungo & Maud and an old travel mat that we never used. And lots of toys and treats!

I hope to be seeing them again in a couple of months and they would have grown bigger for sure.

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  1. Sarah Johnson

    Your Little Tyke has grown into a very handsome young man!

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