That’s us!?!?

Mummy had one thing she really wanted to bring home from this visit to Ko Samui.

Back home in our newly painted pink office, Mummy had dedicated one of the walls from floor to ceiling as “Our Gallery.” And she had purposefully left a space for some very special artwork. She was hoping that Little Tyke and Mini Tyke will each draw a picture of me and George – respectively.

Since they’ve been going to a summer art class where they learnt to paint and make crafts, their mummy suggested they can use the next art class to draw us. Since they’ve been going to their art class, I think mummy has been inspired to get creative herself. In fact, she’s been considering taking online art classes to hone her skills; perhaps she’ll paint us too!So they brought along our pictures to draw from.Wonder what the result would look like …The art teachers first taught them how to sketch usThen they began the base colours …

As you can see, I was starting to emerge …Mini Tyke was moving along faster than Little Tyke – she was onto the next stage of depicting George.Do you think George looks more like cavalier King Charles with those big ears? Or an elephant?But he was evolving. When asked what colour the background should be – Mini Tyke chose pink. Cool! It’s her favourite colour but also the colour of the wall on which this picture will hang.And I was slowly evolving as well … And my background colour? Mummy wanted a grey green – that’s her new favourite colour.

And the end result:
Really not bad guys!

Even though Mini Tyke gave George much bigger ears – she really did capture his essence.

And loving the delicate strokes that Little Tyke used to depict my furriness.Thank you Little Tyke and Mini Tyke –While their friend, Caspar (14) drew Spider Man! LOL!

May’s comment: Love, love, love these portraits. I can’t wait to have them framed and added to our gallery wall. I was maybe hoping for some stick figures and they would have already been just special – but these two portraits done by Sasha, aged 7 years and 364 days and Skye, aged 5 – will be able to hold their ground amongst the other established artists, art students, craftsman and photographers. Both amazing additions as well as being very special pieces.

Thank you Nim, for making this happen. Love them so much.


  1. Cheryl

    These are fabulous! What an incredible cherished memento. They will look amazing framed and hanging on your wall!

  2. Liz Burman

    These portraits are excellent, especially considering how young these artists are. I bet they will take pride of place on the office wall!?

  3. Laura

    These are too adorable! How fun. I think George’s looks like his ears could be his front legs and he is standing up on his hind legs. She really got his face. And I loved how Darcys fringe was the jumping off point for the rest of the painting. You could have a business here!

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