On the road with Rockster!

We met The Rockster quite by accident. 

As I always do, whenever we are at Chelsea Green, Mummy lets me off leash and I would run across the park and into the Pet Pavilion at Chelsea Farmers Market.  They always have treats there for me.  But this one Sunday, it was even better than treats behind the counter. I didn’t have to go very far to find food waiting for me!
I gobbled up the food in one bowl and proceeded to finish up what was there in the second bowl before Mummy could get to me –And proceeded to ask for more.This kind lady was ever so generousI got told off by Mummy for being over excited – so I had to sitAnd as I was waiting, I barked at this dog that came close to MY food! And was duly told off! It turned out this is the real Rockster – after which the food was named!!!

Wow! A celeb. And I got to have my photo taken with him. Can we hurry up? I need to get back to the food awaiting me on the side. Rockster stared at me and told me to behave!Okey-dokey!

May’s comment:  We feed raw on a daily basis but when we’re travelling for longer than a couple of days, it gets a little more complicated. Will there be a mini fridge in the hotel room to store the raw if we travel with it? If not will they let us keep our food in their kitchen fridge? That means I have to go get the food each time and return the rest after feeding.

In the past, I had sometimes gone to the local butcher or supermarket to buy some mince. At times when that was not an option, I had ordered room service of raw mince with some peas or carrots, but was told that now and then it is ok, as the human mince meat does not contain any bone, which is a part of their diet and it’s been through a process. Also room service is pricey! Gulp!

So when we stumbled upon Rockster dog food, a tinned can of “life-enhancing superfood” – it peaked my interest and sounded like a good alternative as I am always looking for an easier alternative for our travels. On investigating further, I liked the sound of it. It includes –

  • 100% certified bio-organic (meat comes from animals certified to be free of exposure to any antibiotic activities, chemicals, waste materials and pesticides (look for the 100% label)
  • 100% human-grade, bio-certified ingredients of the highest quality from carefully selected and sustainable bio-organic farmers in Bavaria and Austria – using only muscle near including fillet and vital internal organs
  • genuinely single protein food free from gluten and grains (like very much!)
  • contains bio-certified “superfoods” (fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, spirulina, quinoa, pharma-grade salmon oil, seabuckthorn, sweet potatoes … just some of them that I am familiar with). Importantly, this is not just a token gesture but sufficient quantities to make a difference.

Rockster is the name of the dog that the founders of the brand had rescued from the south of Naples on their honeymoon. From there his new journey in life began.  When he started to refuse food and with declining health his owners, Sven and Zoe went on a mission to create food that he liked and that could restore his health.  It needed to undo some of the damage due to consumption of commercial foods but also to enhance both his vitality and lifespan.

Two years ago we thought we were losing him and we never realised what a difference food can make to a dog. His superfood has turned around The Rockster’s health and mobility in a way that has been remarkable. It is a joy to see him being excited to eat ...” – Zoe & Sven Ley

Today, Rockster is anywhere from 14+ years and he looks amazing and healthy.  You can read about his story and his journey here – https://www.therockster.com/pages/the-rockster-story-1#thestory

They currently have three flavours – Birds of a Feather, Heaven and Earth and Boeuf du Cap –

I was also skeptical about canned foods – surely there are preservatives otherwise how can it last so long? Was told that the food is gently poached in the can to preserve nutrients and flavour while eliminating bacteria prevalent in raw meat. It is not just the food that is “natural” but so is the process. They are both certified “Bio” which ensures no non-bio organic raw material or chemical can contaminate the food.  Rockster is produced in Bavaria.

We took three cans to the Cotswolds and we’re off to Cornwall with another three cans. Yes they weigh – particularly since I am travelling with hand luggage by train. The good thing is you don’t have to bring them back! Once again, other “end-result” is what determines if it’s right for Darcy and George. It always takes a day or so for them to settle into new food of any sort, except for Honeys Raw.  After a day, their “end result” is back to normal – and no smelly farts either, unlike some other trials! Phew-y!!! LOL!!

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  1. Cheryl

    Darcy and George are so lucky to have you, you are such a good doggy mom.
    Wow, off to Cornwall, have a fun adventure and safe travels.

  2. Dot

    I feed my 2 dogs DIY Raw and anything in a can would never be fed to my dogs it isn’t Raw

    • Miss Darcy

      I feed my 2 dogs raw too when at home and when we travel for short periods. But when you have to travel far and long it is better to be able to find an alternative that is good for them. I have struggled to find alternatives and this seemed like a good solution – no additives, no preservatives, no grains, human grade meat and then added benefits. Once home we revert back to raw.

  3. Dot

    Each to their own but I personally feel it will Mess with their digestive system swapping and changing.

  4. Karen

    We feed dehydrated raw, it is of course dry & therefore lighter & less bulky for travel, much easier & no smell, even here in Florida!

  5. Jill Keiser

    Rockster is an amazing looking senior doggie! He looks like a sprite! His parents have done right by him in their search for the perfect food. Surely using the Rockster products for travel is a unique and fine alternative.

  6. Margaret Danks

    I feed Maggiedog DIY raw but this can be a bit of a challenge when we go off on holidays/ weekends. This looks like a good alternative and I’ll give it a try. Like you,the end result is the deciding factor.

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