Smile George – Meet the 7 K9 artist

We loved the K9 sculptures at Anthropologie that we made sure we went to meet the artist Robert Bradford.  He took some photos of George – maybe one day we will see a Georgie sculpture!!!


We were there early, just hanging around waiting for the interview session with the Mr, Bradford.IMG_0015-2The humans along with six pooches sat down to listen to Rebecca Hossack interview him
IMG_0020-2 George was listening intentlyIMG_0021-2 Until he spotted the potted plantsIMG_0024 And duly jumped off Mummy’s lap to see if he can mark some territory (he already did that when he first entered the store. Shhh!) IMG_0025And caught the interviewer’s attention – so the whole room saw him trying to get into the potted plants!

I took a photo with “Precious Too” to show how BIG it is.
IMG_0012One can spend a long time looking at all the toys used to create these sculptures.

We’re proud to have our photo taken with Mr. Bradford – we’re fans!


May’s comment: At Anthropologie at King’s Road – the 7 K9 Exhibit IMG_7514 IMG_7515

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