Abandoned, scruffy, overlooked – meet Ernest

Ernest, a Yorkie Poo is one of the dogs at West Yorkshire Dog Rescue. We’ve taken an interest in him because he reminds us a lot of Georgie.

Actually it was because someone had told us that they thought Ernest looks like George.  SONY DSCWe can see the resemblance.  The difference is that Ernest is a bit scruffy and George is all spruced up.

IMG_7036Ernest is 4 years old. He was given away following the birth of the baby in his previous home. unnamed-105When he arrived at the foster’s smallholding in February, he had not been socialised or played with properly. So you can imagine he was a bit overwhelmed when he met seven dogs of all shapes and sizes plus horses, sheep, chickens, ducks and cats.

When Ernest first met the dogs he used to fly at them with teeth bared as if to chase them away, but if they looked at him he would run away squealing.

Over time, he found his favourite friend – Stanley, a Golden Retriever cross.   And he has learnt to love watching the chickens scratch around in the dirt.

When he first arrived Ernest had “grumpy man” problems and would snap at the foster Jean if she tried to take a toy off him. Jean quickly employed the technique “swap it” and Ernest learnt it was good to give a ball back in return for chicken!!!

He now fetches a toy and plays tug of war and runs around with all the dogs, none of which he would do to start with. The “grumpy man” has disappeared. Instead he is a cheeky monkey with loads of character and personality. He is hugely intelligent and works everything to his advantage !!!  Now he even sounds like George!

Ernest really enjoys his food, especially cooked chicken and fish. He loves cooked mashed potatoes with his fish as it is so easy to digest. At night he sleeps quietly in his bed and he is no trouble at all.

Even though Ernest has come a long way, the Rescue has struggled to find a home for him. He is constantly being overlooked because they think it’s the way he looks.  Ernest isn’t the handsomest dog.  His thin fur is a result of the stress in his previous life. The colour is a dark grey colour – actually more salt and pepper with highlights of rust – (the Yorkie in him).unnamed-104We think Ernest is earnestly cute 🙂 but you know how it is, when someone else is cuter, they get all the attention. So we’ve decided to lend him a helping paw – we’re going to make sure he gets a proper groom so he can be as handsome as George for the next person looking to give another pooch at West Yorkshire Dog Rescue a forever home.

Come on people, Ernest needs a home. Please give him one!

May’s comment: We just wanted to help highlight this little fella, Ernest at the West Yorkshire Dog Rescue.

We’ve been told that Ernest is the sweetest, most gorgeous boy who desperately needs experienced, kind owners to give him a forever home. He needs loads of attention and reward based training methods that do not rely on confrontational techniques. Ernest needs a calm, quiet loving home.

You still have to watch your fingers when playing ball as he sometimes leaps up and grabs the ball including the fingers holding it! That is just enthusiastic play, and not aggression.

They think Ernest will do best in a home who can give him all the attention – someone to adopt him who will put him first and spoil him, give him loads of walks and cuddle up on the sofa at night to watch TV and not just get shut out in another room.

To see how to apply for Ernest please go to West Yorkshire Dog Rescue







  1. Carol

    Very tempting.I have a Yorkie and a cockapoo so Ernest would fit in perfectly but…in reality…I really have enough to cope with.Espescially as at weekends we are also inclusive of my partner and his Beagle! Good luck Ernest.Bet you look really handsome like George after your pamper session.

  2. Jill

    Dear Darcy, thank you and your Mummy for giving little Earnest a helping hand. He looks such a bright little cjsppie. Here’s to him wuivkly finfing thdeserves a home who will take him to theirvhesrt

  3. Jill

    Oh my goodness…. Doing this on my phone and sent that last message whilst attempting to correct the gobbledygook. It should say: he looks such a bright little chappie. Here’s hoping that with your help he’ll quickly find the loving home he deserves. X

  4. Iam interested in him.could you give me more information about him

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