Men and women in red

When we walk around Kings Road around the Sloane Square, we sometimes see men and women dressed in smart red uniforms.  Especially these two weeks, as in every year, they are out and about helping to sell poppies to raise money to help servicemen and women whose lives have been changed by wars that they fought in.

Walking along Kings Road yesterday, we met this lovely lady as she was making her way to Duke of York Square to sell poppies.
We proudly showed her the ones we were wearing.

On our way home, we walked past The Royal Hospital and when passing the Chelsea Gate, we saw one of the Pensioners sitting by himself on a bench by himself.  As we’re not allowed inside the grounds, we shouted to him, hoping he would come over to say hello to us.
“Hello there, Mister Pensioner! Can you hear us?”

“We just want to show you the Poppies we’re wearing.”He didn’t answer.  We were a little concerned about him, so when the security wasn’t looking, we snuck in quickly to make sure he’s ok.

Hello? “Are you napping?”

Oh, I don’t think he’s real!LOL!!!

May’s comment: The Royal Hospital Chelsea is the home of the Chelsea Pensioners, the iconic faces of the veterans of the British Army.

Founded by King Charles II in 1692 it has offered care and comradeship for veterans in recognition of their loyal service to the Nation the last 325 years.

Today the Royal Hospital Chelsea is home to about 300 retired soldiers who would otherwise spend their time alone.  They were servicemen and women in Korea, the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and World War II.

An amazing institution in the heart of London.


  1. Julie Entwistle

    What a lovely walk you had x

  2. Kathy Shoulders

    Oh I love this! And they look so good in their red poppies

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