Going vegan? At Wulf & Lamb?

Why is a vegan restaurant called Wulf & Lamb?  Sounds like an oxymoron! 

In all our finds so far, we’ve yet to find a vegan restaurant. But when walking along Pavilion Road which had recently been developed into a lovely side street with lots of little food stores, we found Wulf & Lamb. I think Mummy was expecting lamb chops and hearty burgers, but first she asked – are dogs allowed in? YES!!! – was the answer.  Happily we trotted in.

But when she went to order food at the counter, it turned out to be a vegan restaurant. Mummy was terribly confused and curious why it is called as such when there was no meat served.  
And this signage outside didn’t give us any obvious clues either …So we asked … and this was their very philosophical response:

The lupine (the wolf) and the ovine (the lamb) … Traditionally not the best of friends. Typecast as the enemy and the innocent. Predator and prey.

These days, thinking’s not so black and white. We see strengths and vulnerabilities in everyone.

Our story, and our aim, is about sweetly slaying misconceptions. And surprising harmony – amongst people, flavours and our place in the world.

And why is “Wulf” spelled with a U, we asked?
It’s an ancient – and softer-sounding – way to spell wolf.
Softness out of savagery is something worth celebrating.

And so we embarked on a culinary adventure.

Food was ordered at the counter … and Mummy immediately spotted the cakes – yessiree! They even have red velvet!We decided to sit upstairs as there were quite a few strollers and other dogs on the ground floor.It was light and airy upstairs.And we waited to see what Mummy had ordered.  She chose the Wulf Burger!Not what we would rather have but Mummy said, “Yum! This is good! And maybe a slice of red velvet cake to top it all off!

She is so predictable. LOL!

May’s comment:  What a fab find!  I’m not really into vegan food but this was very good. Might do me a little good to come here ever so often for healthier eating.

There are lots of little shops and restaurants on Pavilion Road just further along from Peter Jones on Sloane Square.  Not all welcome dogs but this lovely little vegan restaurant does!

Wulf & Lamb is a haven for everyone with a healthy appetite for great food, albeit vegan – and who enjoy going out with their dogs.  Located at 243 Pavilion Rd, Chelsea, London SW1X 0BP


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    Sounds like a great find! I love veggie burgers. We don’t have many places to find them around here

  2. Inger

    Dear miss Darcy,
    I think your mummy made a very good choice. That burger is delicious. Next time you take her there you must tell her to try the Green Coconut Curry! Its heaven AND it is beautyful to look at too?

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