Merci beaucoup

We’re saying thank you in French tonight …

Yes it seems this week has turned out to be restaurant review week – unintentionally.

We had recently heard about another dog friendly restaurant from a doggy friend. We wanted to try it and we also wanted to say thank you to Sara who had kindly kept George for almost a month between Mum’s birthday celebrations in St Paul de Vence and our two week stint in North America.

We had dinner at NAC in Mayfair –

And they welcomed us with delight.

May’s comments: Due to George’s recuperation, it was unsuitable for him to be with dogs who wanted to play and difficult for others to take him given the strict instructions about him not jumping on sofas, needed to be crated at night or whenever left. Without Sara’s help, we wouldn’t have been able to make those trips.

We had planned a “family trip” and George was coming with us for Mum’s birthday celebrations but it was just two weeks after his op and given the complications of multiple means of transportation, it was way too risky. And George was never coming with us to the States but given his restrictions, it was difficult to find someone to take him. The House of Mutt was a last option as it would be difficult to keep him crated with all the other dogs. So Sara’s offer was more than generous. And George got on really well with Colette though they couldn’t play.

Must be because they were the same size.

And Lola was quite relieved to see him leave – LOL!

THANK YOU Sara for being there for all of us.

NAC is a “French” bistro with whitewashed bricks, banquette seating, and brass coloured accents. Very on trend. But in close study of the menu it really wasn’t all French. There was Italian, American and other Mediterranean dishes – you can do tapas style or have main courses. Every thing was delicious but quite heavy. Very dog welcoming. Definitely would recommend this to anyone in the neighbourhood.

41 N Audley St, Mayfair, London W1K 6ZP


  1. Laura Cordovano

    Sara is one special lady. ❤️❤️❤️

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