Dining alfresco (in the rain)

With summer on it’s way, though on days like yesterday, we wonder if it’s just teasing us.

We’ve been finding quite a few more places to dine – albeit alfresco. I suppose in warmer climes, the hoomans would prefer to be dining outside anyway.

Last evening’s weather forecast was light rain but we still managed to dine at Galvin HOP in Spitalfields – alfresco!

We are not allowed inside so we had to make sure we can still dine when it is drizzling.

But first a photocall.

What? Did you say Barnaby’s inside?

Sure enough there was Barnaby waiting for us.

Squad goals! Tri-coloured and in size order.

We were seated in the back patio – and it didn’t matter that it was drizzling just ever so lightly as the patio was covered and heat lamps were switched on.

Mum had some garlicky escargot for starters.

Can I try some?

And Mum went vegetarian! Something’s changing …

As much as we only consider restaurants that allow dogs inside to be truly dog-friendly, well, I guess we can extend our dining experiences to include those that can accommodate us outside during the good weather months. And there are some really fine restaurants where we can do so.

It gives us a lot more choices to dine at restaurants where we are not normally allowed inside.

May’s comment: We were invited to dine at Galvin HOP – which is a bistro bar next door to the Michelin-starred LaChapelle, their sister restaurant.

Dogs are welcomed in the front and back patio spaces. We were seated in the back patio – it was covered and quite private. And even on a cool spring evening we felt comfortable.

Once we move out of the more residential parts of London it becomes more difficult to find dog-friendly restaurants. Galvin HOP is located by Spitalfields. Whenever we’ve been to Spitalfields market, we didn’t have much choice of restaurants where we can sit inside with dogs. It is good to know that we will be fine in the front or back patio seating at Galvin HOP.

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