Messing Around in the Leaf-Pit

Here’s me having a run around with my friends at House of Mutt.  1926699_888422887841635_7648365795064268141_n

I’ve been having so much fun playing with my friends.  That’s why I haven’t written a lot lately. It’s fun in the country and Mummy’s been busy too for different reasons.

I am going to be here for awhile. I miss Mummy but can’t say I am not having a whale of a time here. Sarah tells Mummy what I’ve been up to so that makes her happy.

May’s comment: So nice to see her having fun!

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  1. Julia

    Aww that looks like fun. Mummy must be happy that you’re happy. We hope the weeks whizz by and Mummy is on the mend so you can come home! X

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