Midtown Shopping

A few things to check out in Manhattan – we needed to get Midtown shopping.

First stop – Bloomingdale’s.

We walked along their signature black and white checker board flooring …

To the 8th floor to check out the PetShop.

Wonder if this hydrant pump and Frenchie is for sale.

There wasn’t a whole lot there –

What do you think of this denim jacket?

Across the street from Bloomingdale’s is SPRINKLES Cup cakes on Lexington Avenue. Of course!!! But you know we are not allowed into any of the food or restaurants over here.

I had to wait outside …

Mum put me on the window ledge so she could see me from within. She first made sure that there wasn’t a queue and she knew exactly what she needed to get.

I waited – a little nervously but knowing Mum will come back.

Passers by stopped to say hello – Mum was watching every single person who stopped.

Mum: Really don’t like these situations – stressful for both of us. This lasted for about 3 minutes because I checked out that there was no queue and ran in to order three pup cakes and three red velvets. Makes me appreciate dog-friendly cafes even more.

This is the loot that Mum got – 3 Pup cakes and 3 mini Red Velvet cupcakes

Confession: I ate one of Mum’s MINI Red Velvets when she went to make herself a cup of tea. I thought they were the same! Sorry!

With cupcakes in tow, we went in search of other Pet Shops in Midtown department stores. Along the way Mum got hungry –

Or did she just fancy having a New York hot dog? What do you think?


We stopped in at Barney’s and we were sent to the 9th floor but found out that they once had a pet section but no more! Oh no!

Well then, Mum said – let’s go check out the shoe floor!

This used be her her favourite department at Barney’s – but these days she wears sneakers and flat shoes – better to walk the dogs in!

Walking over to Central Park we saw the horse and carriages lined up – such an iconic scene.

But I smell something afoul …

Central Park

There looming in the near distance is The Plaza Hotel – another iconic landmark.

Mum had me posing …

So many pretty sights …

And then we stopped and reflected on life by this pond. Once upon a time Mum spent all her waking hours on the 19th floor of that building on the right (or she was on a flight) – she never had the time to sit around and ponder.

Nor did she had a little buddy to enjoy these moments. Ten years later, here we are – together. And I am helping her to see the world a little differently.

We had one more stop before going home.

Pet concession at Bergdorf Goodman

We met some fine looking models … and I had to pose with them.

Model on the left was wearing Celine and the model on the right was wearing Halpern.

Why are they smiling? I thought models are suppose to pout – that’s what I do.

After all that Mum forgot to ask if there was a pet concession at Bergdorf’s because she was in search of reading glasses – she sat on her in the plane journey over.

When we left Bergdorf and making our way back to Uptown, we came across these demonstrators and learnt the story of Mattie –

Mattie, a family pet that once served with the military had been living her family for the last five years when she was suddenly confiscated and returned to work. Her family are campaigning for an answer and to get Mattie home. To learn more – go to http://www.nopaymsa.com

We moved on, a bit heavy-hearted, thinking about Mattie and wonder how she must be feeling – to be taken away from her home and back to working when she’s supposed to be retired.

I told you that Mum just wanted a hot dog or was it because the hot dog was really not filling. She decided to ask if we could eat outside of Nello on Madison Avenue – a restaurant she had been before in her previous life – sans dog. Seeing that it has outside seating and no one seated – she asked. They reluctantly gave us a seat with very strict instructions.

Dog must be UNDER the table, not on the lap, not on the chair and no feeding for the table.

OK already! My goodness. Sure know how to make us feel unwanted. The maitre’d explained that really there should be a barrier and I was suppose to sit on the other side of the barrier. I had done this a few times when I visited New York. So I stayed under the table and I didn’t get anything from Mum.

There are always positives and negatives about each place we visit. We seem to be allowed into almost every store – good for shopping but when Mum gets hungry – guess she’ll have to have a hotdog.

May’s comment:

Was looking for Wild One dog accessories and was told they have a concession at Bloomingdale’s. Thought I’d check out if there are pet concessions in the other department stores. The good thing – I walked into each of them with no raised eyebrows about dogs in store.

Love being able to enter all stores with Darcy. But on the other hand, it is hard to find places to eat with dogs. In America it is law. Back in the UK, it is up to the owner’s discretion. And we have many options.

But at the end of the meal at Nello, I found a piece of hair on the plate! A short piece of hair which meant it was not mine. I told them about it – to make a point that while they are so concerned about health and safety – there was hair in my food. They said – no compensation – not that I was looking for any. The main guys never came back to address the issue and sent the waiter to tell me – sorry but no compensation. Because they really didn’t care to have us back. If it was anyone sitting inside, they would have jumped hoops.


  1. Daniel

    I haven’t been to Nello and certainly will never go there after reading how you were treated there. You should complain on Yelp! Indeed very ironic and awful considering the place’s rigid view on dogs.

    • Miss Darcy

      I will – thanks for the tip. In fact I had learnt that they cannot question you if she is a service animal. I didn’t know that. I would never go back there.

    • Miss Darcy

      They really should change their attitude

  2. Cheryl

    I’m always so jealous of all the places you go and eat with George and Darcy in the UK! Over here it’s terrible, and it really makes no sense, especially when eating outside!
    I wish you continued safe travels and adventures!

  3. Laura Cordovano

    Hello is a creep. They started a rule that a woman was not allowed to eat there alone. Can you imagine? They got a lot of bed press and then changed their policy. Plus it is so overpriced!

    • Miss Darcy

      They are! I am glad to hear that my uneasy feelings about them is not unjustified. So overpriced!

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