Almost record breaker

At 38 degrees Centigrade, today was the hottest day in July …

But it did not break the record of 38.5 degrees set in August 2003.

However, I think I must have set the record for eating the fastest ice-cream!

It was so hot we did not go for our walk to the park. We stayed home most of the day till Mum thought it was time for an ice-cream.

Hmmm. Which lead should I wear?

It was gelato to be specific. Badiani had just opened near us on Fulham Road – TROUBLE!

Mum thinks because it is gelato, it has less fat. Ice-cream uses more cream and has a 10% fat content whereas gelato uses more milk than cream, and usually less, or hardly any egg yolk. So with that rationale, Mum favours gelaterias.

Which flavour should I have –

Life is so full of choices!

And at Badiani, the orange is the new black concept is rampant!

George had his own cone too …

How strange that I gulped down the gelato and cone in record time while George licked it so delicately.

And Mum, after feeding us, she had her own little petit cup of hazelnut –

SURPRISE! Nothing new there!

We thought she might share but NOT! But it was a special treat – and one way to cool down on this very hot Summer day!

May’s comment: Badiani, the Florentine ice-cream company opened at 303 Fulham Road, and they are Italian so it wasn’t a surprise that dogs are allowed in. There’s even a garden in the back so we can have gelato al fresco!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    That looked scrumptious!!

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