To picnic or not to picnic …

That is the question.

This Sunday will be our Hyde Park Doodle Meet-up – and we were hoping that it will be a picnic Sunday – but the weather forecast seem not to be cooperating!

But you know how things are – the forecasts changes by the day. But we will know better closer to the end of the week, like Saturday night! LOL!
If it promises rain, we will still be there unless it is a Summer Thunderstorm and a wash out.

Let’s hope it will be a picnic day! We and the Tykes are ready for a picnic!

Wear your red gingham bandana for the picnic so we will blend in.

May’s comment: It will be our July meet-up and if the weather forecasts changes over the next few days …

Just bring yourself, your pooches and if you feel like it – bring a picnic, we will just gather around where we normally do, spread out some blankets, bring our own picnics and enjoy the sunshine. The idea is just that we all sit around at ground level – and when the pooches are after food, well, we know they do and it’s ok. That’s part of the fun.

We will be there are 11am just in case some didn’t get the message. We will hang around longer till probably 1pm just to enjoy being together.

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