A walk down Brompton Cross!

We got out early yesterday morning – the sales had begun IMG_7929– Mummy wanted to go to OKA. There we were with quite a few others … all waiting to get in.

It wasn’t a successful trip so instead, we walked on to Brompton Cross, and needed to recoup from the early start. 🙂 We went to ask at Joe’s Restaurant if they allow dogs insideIMG_7950Voila!!! Another dog-friendly restaurant!!!

IMG_7947 After Mummy felt replenished we went across the street to Joseph for a browse …IMG_7944 And there we met the staff – they all seem to love pooches!!! And they asked to take selfies!!! That must be our new thing. IMG_7935 And even got photo-bombed!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!IMG_7936 So she joined in the selfie sessionIMG_7937 And everyone else came alongIMG_7940 Can we go now?IMG_7943We finally left and walked along Walton Street when – Well hello! We ran into Molly, a cavapoo that is bigger than me!  We know Molly from the Pet Spa and she had been to one of our Hyde Park meets!IMG_7953May’s comment: I went to Joe’s Restaurant a few years ago and they didn’t have a clear policy on whether dogs were allowed inside. Today, four years on, they said, well-behaved dogs are welcomed.  We have been to their other place on Sloane Street. Things are changing – we know it’s not yet all over London but we’re slowly converting all the places in our neighbourhood. Yay!

Joe’s – 126 Draycott Ave, London SW3 3AH

Joe’s – 16 Sloane St, London SW1X 9NB

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