Miss you, Darcy

Darcy, I saw these Jelly Cat doggies and thought of you. 

It’s been awhile since we were together. I left for the House of Mutt on the 9th October.I didn’t have you with me and I was a little worried where I was going.

You were beyond excited about going on your holiday!You couldn’t wait to leave with Yaena when she came to pick you up on the 11th October.You stopped over in ParisEnroute to the South of France with Marley.St. Tropez for for three weeks!  Lucky you!That was when your holiday really began –You soon discovered how amazing it was going to be – BeachSea, Sand on your noseSwimming and rolling in the sandAnd some seaweed for added taste.

Then you got braver and started retrieving things from the sea.But some are just a bit to big to bring in.As for me, since I came home from House of Mutt, I’ve stayed with Barnaby and his sister, Coco over the weekend.And a few days at Stanley’s before Andrew brought me back home,I had lots of snuggles with Mum, and then the rest of the time, I went to the Hairdresser’s Had Afternoon Tea with Liz at Number SixteenWent to try on outfits for my pending catwalk and also had a groom.Dressed up as a spider for Halloween – so the hoomans should have a chuckle.We were invited to Rusty’s for a Halloween party.But I did have a date with Molly for a little play at Bluebird CafeWent to a photo shoot And we found a lovely little cafe in FulhamCalled Local Hero – think we’ll be backMet Barnaby for lunch at Farm Girl and then met this little one, ZiggyA potential new gal pal?  Mum’s in love and offered to take care of her! LOL!

Oh yes, I also had another Afternoon Tea date with Yuuna at Dominique Ansel, a new gal pal. She’s French. 🙂 Ahem, well, you know – I’m just checking out my options for a new gal since Jaffa left me for the countryside.

But Mum did take me to something that’s doggy-orientated. She took me to Mungo & Maud and bought me a pressie! She said I couldn’t open it till Christmas – yes, she has started Christmas shopping already.

And then we saw these doggies in a shop and they reminded me of you. Even though I get to snuggle up to Mum a lot, the bed seems a bit empty without you. I am really looking forward to having you home. I miss you.  It’s been almost a month.

May’s comment: Three more sleeps till we’re altogether again. Getting bit excited about our reunion – but till then we’re busy! George on a catwalk, maybe a reunion with his human BFF, Victoria and meeting up with his new gal pal, Yuuna again- a lot of girls to meet, George!


  1. Kathy

    So sweet Georgie!! I’m glad you have been busy. I bet Darcy will be glad to see you again too!

  2. Angela Dillon

    Oh George you are so cute. I love these stories May and the way you write them. I feel part of their adventures ????

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