Mum, I went swimming!

Every day, when it is not raining, without fail we drove to the beach.

We’ve had some beautiful morning walks.  Marley and I would chase each other.

I love rolling in the sand, and of late, I rather like rolling in seaweed, and chewing sticks.In the past few days I’ve been going into the water to retrieve logs of wood!!! But yesterday morning I did something more – I went in deeper and I swam to retrieve what Yaena threw into the water!!!!

As if to be sure I REALLY did swim, Yaena threw something else into the water to see if I would do it again.

And I DID!!!

I guess you have to swim to be a real Beach Babe.May’s comment: O-M-G!!!! Yaena, what if she drowned?!?!?! – was my first thought. I’ve only seen Darcy swim once – she was fooled into it and when she realised she was in deeper water than usual, I saw the panic in her face as she quickly paddled her way back to the beach.

She kept going in after she went swimming. I don’t think she planned to do it but enjoyed getting the sticks I threw at her. ...” reported Yaena.

I am glad to know she can swim.


  1. Cheryl

    Oh Darcy, You swim well! But I bet your mum has a grooming appointment already scheduled!
    How are you ever going to go back to being a city girl?!
    Oh and I forgot to write on your last post that George looks very handsome in that wonderful yellow jumper!

  2. Jill Keiser

    I just saw the video of Lucky cleaning Polo’s ear! It was so sweet! A long time ago when I was young, I had German Shepherd Dogs-X and Tessa would clean Terra’s ears.

    I know you are proud of Darcy learning to swim and retrieve sticks in the water!

  3. Rita and Gracie

    Whoa…what a scary moment for you realising Darcy was out of her depth. Good to know that she didn’t panic and can really swim though. I bet you’ll be glad to have her back in the city soon and back to ” pampered Darcy” rather than “scruffy sea side Darcy” 🤔🤗. xx

  4. Liz Burman

    I hope you shake some of that sand off before you get home Miss D, or mummy will not be pleased to have it all over her bed!!😂

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