Missing my Jaffa …

Remember my best gal, Jaffa? Well, I am kinda missing her a lot lately.

It’s been more than a month since we last saw each other.  She has moved to the countryside with her family.(Photo by Eva Espresso)

But I had a surprise today! I went for a walk with Joanna and there was Jaffa at the park! How happy was I?!?!?  We had fun playing and after the wall, she came home with me, and together we went to Love My Human for a groom. And it all gets better – Jaffa is having a sleep over!!!

May’s comment:  For as long as I had George, it was almost every day the dogs saw each other except at half term or holidays. That was for about three plus years.  George was there almost every weekday and he stayed with them on occasions when I was away. Sometimes Darcy did too but she doesn’t like the kids too much – she doesn’t like active children running and shouting. Other times Jaffa would stay with us.We took the three of them grooming together and then playdates. And then things changed and we still walk past their London house every day – and my two still pull to go to the door, but no Jaffa. The children are growing up and now they are off to bigger schools and that’s why they moved. Photo by Eva Espresso (www.evagraphy.com)

I love these sleepovers! She is such a snuggle bug!“Stop kissing me!”That’s why I have only two dogs – there’s always room for one more – like Barnaby who came to stay over the weekend!There is always room for one more!


  1. Katherine

    Lyra wants to have a sleepover one day! 🙂 Xx

  2. Julie James

    Awww thank you for having Barnaby! He loves his auntie May! ?

  3. Alison Mullett

    I had been wondering how Jaffa was!!! Thanks for the update May. I’m sure George was happy to see Jaffa!

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