On World Homeless Day, Team Sleeping Ruff says THANK YOU!

A massive thank you to all who supported our effort to help create awareness for Glassdoor London.

The experience was humbling – and I know we all went home appreciating our beds so much more.  Throughout our Sleep Out, we were so blessed by those who came to support us with sustenance – THANK YOU! And all those who sent us encouraging messages. WE FELT YOUR SPIRIT!!!

At the end of the SleepOut, we were all exhilarated – I suppose, in doing something out of our comfort zone, but also in seeing how many people were there! We were in such a hurry to pack up and run back to our safe, warm homes – we hardly managed to say goodbye. So this morning, we pups came together to talk about our experience.  We hope that showing that we could do it, will encourage more of our pup friends to join us in helping to raise awareness of those around us, in our own community who needs a shelter in days and nights that are cold and wet. But the SleepOut is not the end of our journey. Homelessness persists.  As a part of the community we can do our little bit to give back.  To all of you wonderful hoomans who helped us reach and surpass our goal – THANK YOU!

To date Team Sleeping Ruff have raised a total of £3,790! We would love to reach £4000! Will you help us get there?

To donate, click on this link http://www.glassdoor.org.uk

May’s comment: Today is World Homeless Day – “an internationally recognised day to raise awareness of the global issue of homelessness and the work to help those affected by it”

We had only a glimpse of what it to be homeless – knowing that we had homes to go home to after that one night. Our tasks is not yet done. While we have raised some money towards this coming season’s needs, there’s more we can do.  GlassDoor has provided us with a list of things that you can donate to their efforts this coming season. 

You can deliver items to 155a Kings Road during Chelsea Methodist Church Drop-in Hours (M, T, Th 9am-2pm). Do call or email GlassDoor offices to arrange delivery at other times during normal office hours. You can buzz the offices from the door on Chelsea Manor Street and someone will be on hand to receive the collection.

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