Mister and Miss D

Well hello, Mister Darcy! You’ve grown since I last saw you!

After my morning at work, Mummy took me to the park for a run and be a dog again.  (Georgie was with Praewa because it would never have worked if he was there barking at me – as we learnt last weekend.)IMG_4698And then I hear someone shouting my name with a VERY LOUD voice!  Oh, yes, it’s that Mister Darcy #2’s walker.

There’s a Mister Darcy #1 who is about the same age as I am but we haven’t seen him since last year

We regularly run into #2. And we always hear his walker before we see him. 🙂  That’s because he loves squirrelling like I do and he’s often running off afar like I used to (and like George) and his walker is shouting after him the whole time throughout their walk. And  as she knows me – she starts shouting twice the frequency – telling Mister #2 to come for a photo op with moi.  IMG_4697But #2 is really not interested in staying still when there are squirrels to chase. So off he went and off we went – till the next shouting session. We’ve invited him to our cockapoo meet – hope he’ll make it some day.

As we walked along, we saw little Alfie running along his skateboard walker. But when he saw me, he pulled the walker/skate boarder off his board! He was really excited to see me, rather he was very interested in nosing meIMG_4700I wasn’t too happy.IMG_4704

As a treat (was that for me or you Mummy?) we went to Bumpkin Restaurant on Sydney Street for lunch. IMG_4707As it was a somewhat sunnier day than the day before, we were able to sit in the covered back garden.IMG_4709Pleased to say Mummy was rather generous today – sharing her lunch.

May’s comment: Happy to have found another place to eat with doggies albeit outside. It’s right next to Chelsea Farmers Market and we’re allowed to walk through the restaurant to the back garden or we can enter the back garden through Chelsea Farmers Market.

Bumpkin Restaurant – 119 Sydney Street

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